First Ct-pet scan after surgical resection & completion of adjuvant chemo

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First Ct-pet scan after surgical resection & completion of adjuvant chemo

by Shitulpatel on Sat Nov 17, 2012 03:59 PM

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Hi, I couldn't wait for the moderator to ok my new post so am posting on this site hoping to get some replynto ease my worries. The post surgery and post adjuvant Ct- pet scan report is as follows; The Ct pet report as follows ; Post surgical and RFA changes in the liver . Three focii of increased FDG uptake in liver segment ii (SUV max 4.2) Segment iv ( SUV max 5.7) Segment v ( SUV max 4.9) With underlying calcification No abnormal focus of increased FDG uptake at the resected margin of segment vii of liver. Post operative changes in colon region. No abnormal focus of increased FDG uptake is seen at Anastomotic site. Diffused increased uptake in the surgical incision located over the right side of abdomen ( post operative inflammation ) Low grade FDG avid cm sized right auxiliary node ( SUV max 2) ---- non specific No demonstrable lung nodule No FDG avid  skeletal lesion No FDG avid or size criteria wise significant adenopathy in neck, Mediastinum , and retroperitoneum regions Rest of Ct -Pet is unremarkable with physiological distribution of FDG. Impression. ---------------- As compared to previous PET-CT scan dated 12 may 2012 the present study shows ; 1. Post surgical and post RFA status. 2. Three foci of increased FDG uptake in segments 2, 4a and 5 of liver with underlying calcifications. 3. Detection of focal FDG uptake in above mentioned areas even after 3 months post operative  RFA Period remains concerning for active disease and hence close follow up PET-CT scan is essential to ascertain etiology. 4. No evidence of metabolically active disease at the anastomotic site of colon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current cancer markers as follows ; CEA at dx 935 , CEA 15nov12 is 1.6 ( was 2.5 in October 2012) CA 19-9 at dx 1200, On 15 nov12 is 8.8 ( was 8.6 in October 2012) ESR - 24 , was 36 in October 2012 ------------------------------------------------ I am worried and confused as I just got the reports and ws hoping for NED . Oncologist will not meet me till Monday and I have 48 plus hours of anxiety and restlessness. Feel helpless, what went wrong , have done proper diet , used supplements, the works and yet ? Can anyone help in deducing the above report and tell me how much s**t I am in. What next ? Oncologist already had recommended erbitux solo for maintenance chemo. That starts Monday. Pl help.
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