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by ws1953 on Mon Nov 19, 2012 03:34 AM

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My younger brother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer about two years ago. His tumor is on pancreas head and he is not a candidate for surgery. The doctors were hoping that chemo and radiation will shrink tumor and they would operate on it. However; last week they told him that there is nothing else they can do it. 

He has lost about 40 lbs in two months and can not eat any thing. He vomit whenever he eats some thing. Lately we are trying some herbal treatment and it seems like helping a bit. He was eating about 200 calories  a day and now for the past three days he is having about 600 calories day. vomiting has reduced. 

MD Anderson gave him turmeric capsules but it caused him severe stomach ache. Therefore, he discontinued them. However; this new herbal treatment has turmeric capsules too and they are not causing him any stomach ache. He is taking four (4) turmeric capsules in the morning and four (4)in the evening. The plcae he is getting those turmeric capsules is in New York. Their phone number is 877-593-8853. website address is: and e-mail address is:

I am just sharing this information if any one has any trouble taking turmeric capsules, they should try this one.


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