Recurrent Cervical Cancer

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Recurrent Cervical Cancer

by Loril on Tue Sep 19, 2006 12:00 AM

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Hi, My Name is Lori I am 43 years old, I was diagnosed in march with stage 3b cervical cancer. I underwent the 6 weeks of chemo, 25 days of radiation and 6 sessions of breachytheraphy. Now I am starting the symptoms again, I am bleeding (not alot) the backaches, the fatique and the leaking urine. I am scared to go back to Dr. My next app isn't for about 24 days. I wish I knew what to expect. Does this sound familiar to anyone else. If it is recurrent what do I have to expect. Would like advice from someone who has been there.


by Ice_Blue_Hawaii on Wed Sep 20, 2006 12:00 AM

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Lori - Get to the doctor now, not in 20 some days. If it is recurrent, you want to start fighting it now. It's possible that your symptoms are not those of recurrence, but of your body still healing from the radiation. My partner was staged 1B in September 2003 and had internal, external radiation, and 6 treatments of cisplatin. She did have the leaking of urine for almost a year after treatment, and the bleeding came and went. The doctors said it was all part of healing. She didn't complain of backaches. The fatigue is normal and lasts for quite some time. Radiation and chemo are hard on the body. As for my partner, all was well until September 2005 when we found out through a routine xray that she had mets to the lung and medial steinum. She's been fighting it ever since, and has defied doctors' predictions. Now it is in her brain, and she's about to start whole brain radiation, followed by X knife radiation on any remaining tumors. She's 34. In hindsight, we should have been more diligent about seeing the doctor every 3 months and demanding CT scans and PET scans. Her recurrence has not occurred in her abdomen, but cervical often travels to the lung and liver. The bottom line is that with cancer, you can't ignore symptoms. Get to the doctor pronto. The faster you start fighting any recurrence, the better your chances for survival. My last piece of advice? Pray for guidance and trust in God. Mary


by Loril on Thu Sep 21, 2006 12:00 AM

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Ice, Thank you, and I did call Dr. yesterday I got scared and yes they are starting to do ct scans and other tests, I am just not sure what to think, thank you for telling me about your friend, it helps to know that it might just still be after effects of chemo and radiation, I hope your friend is ok, They told me that my cancer was too far along to do hysterectomy, when I was diagnosed, now that the tumor is smaller, and if it is back can they now just do one now and be done with it. I have read and reread alot of information but it helps to talk to someone who has been there.

Stage 3b Cervical Cancer

by florence_b on Thu Sep 21, 2006 12:00 AM

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I am 30 yrs older than you. I was told i would not survive surgery. That was 5 yrs ago. I went thru the chemo, 38 radiation treatments. I finally got feed up with my doctor, and started calling around, mayo clinic, cancer center of america, etc. I have the bleeding like you do, it is rectal. I refused to have a biopsy. The dr who checked me, admitted that regardless the biopsy would serve no real purpose and maybe cause harm. i started searching the internet, called people with similar problems. This is what i now do. i am not selling anything, but listen to this. i take dim-plus. It is put out by natures way. i have been using it about 3 yrs now. There is dim and dim-plus. I found that for me the dim- plus is the best. Recently, they have been releasing info to the effect that this product is helping to get rid of the cancer. I also take impower. Like dim-plus, i take it also every day without fail. My cancer is in remission. The bleeding still continues but i can Coup with that. If i can help you can reach me at --- Message edited by CancerCompass staff: for personal protection, email address removed. Please review CancerCompass Member Guidelines at ----. Best of luck, get better. God bless.

Someone Who Cares

by Rafi_1 on Thu Sep 28, 2006 12:00 AM

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hi loril!cancer because inmune system is weak(all cancers)this happens because of the way we have treated the body(food,air we breathe-surroundings,water).did u know that all doctors swear to the hippocrates oath,but forgot or dont want to tell the main thing he said,remember he was the doctor of doctors.he said"make your food your medicine and your medicine your food".my father was 81 when diagnosis said advanced cancer,they gave him 5 optons,4 different radiation therapies(no chemo because they thought that could make his life miserable and thought well at 81 he has live probably a long live already.the fifth option which i was gonna do anyway but went to the doctor because of the other family members,the gang up on me he had to do what doctors told them,4 against one.well the fifth option the doctor said is the one most of the europeans do which is no radiation or chemo,he said the statistics say they have the same life expectancy as those given chemo or radiation except that they dont have side effects from the chemo or radiation,by the way we all have heard that radiation =gives cancer.if u go to the dentist they step away from u when given a very small x-ray and they even (the good sincere ones)give u a lead robe over u to protect u from the radiation.if u get a mri or pet scan they step away to and get in a cover booth why do u think because they know radiation gives cancer.i am noyt telling u not to go to the doctor but that first get 2 other opinions and try very hard to get a doctor that is also knowledge in naturopathy there are many now that do both.try --- Message edited by CancerCompass staff: for personal protection, url removed. Please review CancerCompass Member Guidelines at ---- site maybe i wronly mispelled her name so enter it with the dr or without it and 1 r or 2 etc..,she was the main doctor at sanfrancisco hospital until she had deadly cancer herself and she made a change she refuse to have the treatment she had study alll her life chemo ,radiation and went the natural way and got heal of course like ourselve here we went to the main doctor and healer our lord 45 days of dad going on a new eating habit he got detox and his inmune system got fire up,he is 85 now and doing well thanks god.his doctors are in dr day website u will learn how to feed etc..first take care of the air u breathe where u live outside and inside ur house u know we can only last about 4 minutes without air,then on the water u drink we can only last about 7 days or less without water.i gave my dad as much mineral water of reputation and quality as u can is like vitamins(minerals)that go to ur body real fast,and a good water that has been process with the 5 filtration process given(not everyone drink mineral water all the time)good vitamins and minerals supplements,out in the sun for 20 minutes daily that hit u in the face during 10 am to 3 pm(sun the source of life-but in the face no suntan lotion)walking while taking it would be a 2 x 1 benefit,sleep between 10 pm and 2 am are the healing time for the body. read the bible and say it out loud (i dont mean u got to shout it out-but do if u want) many healing verses.example i am the lord that heals u. in the cross he carried with your sickness. this is my son on which i am pleased he who believes in him should have an abundant life. he is like the springwater that takes ur thirst out.we are made in the image of god (so we are royalty and precious to him he even send his only begotten son so that we were forgiven and live everafter with him.etc.... because i care i have wrote this i cant type fast so it took me a while to do this.god bless you the father allmighty,the son our lord jesuschrist king,savior and lord and the holy spirit which will guide u and protect u,amen(which means i agree,i accept it)!

Cervical Cancer

by Denita on Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:00 AM

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Hi Mary...sorry to hear about you friend....can you tell me if they did a radical hysterectomy? I just had one dx with Stage II B.....haven't started the whole fun process of radiation and chemo yet...Does it make you sick? Would you be able to work while undergoing the treatments? Thanks for any info Denita 47 in Texas :)

RE: Cervical Cancer

by Ice_Blue_Hawaii on Sun Dec 10, 2006 12:00 AM

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Lori - I hope all is well with you. It's been a few months since I was able to log on and check on this message thread. Denita, no, they did not do a radical hysterectomy on my partner. She had her ovaries removed, though there was no disease in them, but her doctor said the cancer often jumps to the ovary, so he took them out. He left the uterus and cervix in. He also told me he took out 14 abdominal lymph nodes, but I read the surgical report this past summer and he only took out 6, not 14. She then had 6 weeks of chemo with Cisplatin, 50mgs weekly. She had concurrent external radiation, once a day for 30 treatments. Then she had 5 internal radiation, or brachytherapy treatments. All was well until September 2005 when we found it spread to her lungs. In August, 2006, it was in her brain. I am so sorry to inform you all that the light of my life passed away November 8 of this year. The lung mets completely overtook all four lobes of her lungs, and she was in the hospital for 3 weeks with obstructional pneumonia. She finally couldn't breathe anymore. She did pass away peacefully, I wish I didn't have to tell you all this. She fought so hard. Another friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 3b in 2002 and she is cancer free today because, I think, the doctor did a complete hysterectomy and took out a TON of lymph nodes in her abdomen. She has lymphadema now, which is a bother, but she's alive, and she's never had a recurrence. I think if my partner's doctor had taken out more lymph nodes, the cancer would not have spread to the lungs. Those cancer cells were in the lymph nodes when she had surgery in 2003, I'm sure.

My prayers continue to be with you both - stay ever vigilant against recurrence!


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