Stage IV Colon Cancer with mets to liver and bone

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Stage IV Colon Cancer with mets to liver and bone

by realestatela on Thu Nov 29, 2012 05:12 AM

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My mom was diagnosed today with Stage IV colon cancer with mets to liver and spine.  She's 67, 5'4 110 pounds.   (And the greatest mom and grandma ever!)

Anyone have a recommendation for an oncologist in the LA area who will be compassionate and aggressive in fighting this?

Appreciate the help!


RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer with mets to liver and bone

by jcare on Wed Dec 05, 2012 04:30 AM

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Hi Sheri,

First I am so glad that you are looking here for answers. There is alot of good advice. Second, in the LA area you are lucky there are super good docs at UCLA but City of Hope is really great (right where the 210 and 605 Freeway come together).  In San Bernardino at St. Bernardine Hospital the Docs at Inland Hemotology Oncology are fantastic (Dr. Kubba and Dr.Malik ). My Husband had Stage 3 CC, Six months of chemo and was clear then DX in Jan 12' with mets to the liver. He has been on Avastin, camptosar 5fu since then(every week) now every 2 weeks.  He has had remarkable results.  His liver was covered with spots and a CEA of 27.5  now it's 1.9. Only 6 spots on the liver and they aren't even sure if they are scars or spots now.  If there is one thing we would have done different it would have been the nurtrition we are doing now.  Cut out all refined sugar for your mom. Truly, it feeds the cancer. A doctor friend of mine recommended a book to my call AntiCancer A new way of life by Dr. David Servan (?). The nutrition message is clear in this book.  I just think that the chemo alone is not responsible for my husbands pathological response to the treatment. Please keep the faith and keep me posted on your mom.  Take care of yourself so you can take care of her. I know the worry you are feeling. It's so much better when you have a plan that you can work and help her.  I look forward to hearing about your mom's positive progress!

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