Stage IV Lung cancer

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Stage IV Lung cancer

by worriedrc on Sun Dec 02, 2012 05:32 PM

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My youngest sister has stage IV lung cancer, after going to the emergency room to check out a persistant cough. That same evening they kept her. It went from the lungs to the back of her brain to her kidneys in less than 9 months. Now she's going blind and she says they don't know why after seeing a eye doctor, her doctor. She lives in Chicago and won't come home. She's 52 years old. She is sinking in depression because she lives alone and won't reach out to anyone. Has anyone out there gone thru anything of what I've written. I feel powerless because I can't make her come home, get help from the cancer center there in Chicago or come out that 4 corner apartment/room in darkness. I've been there several times and she ok when I'm there but she goes into a deep depression once I'm gone back to talking to the walls. I can't imagine going thru something like this alone. She does have a friend that comes there when he gets home from work but he has a blood diasease that he's not taking care of. She said the one of the doctors told her that her loss of vision maybe have come from the strong radiation that she was given to the back of her head. HELP SOMEBODY

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