Stay positive with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer!! :)

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Stay positive with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer!! :)

by ashleymarie on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:03 AM

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Just as the title says, stay positive!! I was diagnosed early this year but have been dealing with pancreatic cancer well over a year now looking back with how much I would get sick. The doctors said I would probably die in 2 months time and I believed them.  I got to see my 27th birthday but I knew I wouldn't see much else.  It's.... December!!! :)  I will get to see Christmas and 2013!!! I plan to see many more years and turn grey!! My secret?  Staying postive and not giving up!

I've been with the love of my life since High School and never had that white wedding, so we did last weekend and it was the best day ever!! After so much heartache, tears, struggles we wanted to end the year with a celebration! I am fighting this beast head on and I want anyone else struggling with pancreatic cancer to not give up when told it's a "death sentence" especially when you are Stage 4.  My cancer is spread everywhere... liver, abdomen, bowels, cervix, stomach, and on my cysts. 

Take my advise if you'd like :)  


RE: Stay positive with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer!! :)

by maxxschiken on Fri Dec 07, 2012 08:56 AM

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GREAT advice coming from a WARRIOR!  Ashley, your mindset reminds me of my wife of 33 years.  In mid-2011 when she was told 3-4 months she'd be gone w/o treatment and possibly adding an additional 2 months of life with treatment but 6 months max of LIFE, she treated this beast of a diagnosis/prognosis with even a bigger beast within her.  Not just with her extraordinary physical and mental capacities but with her FAITH and HOPE that her creator would be merciful.  He was just that, merciful and gracious to provide her with a massive support system of family, friends, healthcare professionals, advancements in pancreatic cancer research and studies and the ability to embrace and tolerate almost a year of treatments to beat the odds of this stage 4 pancan. And even with her being in the clear since last June with no evidence of progressive metastatic disease and no tumor recurrence, she remains vigilant, prayerful and always reminds me as her caregiver that her begging and pleading for God's mercy will never cease.  What I've learned thus far as a caregiver is to be humble and excuse everyone who you might meet on your path through this journey who have labeled stage 4 pancan as a "death sentence."  Educate them with kindness and truth about your personal experiences of fighting for your life.

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