has anyone else experienced eyes constantly twitching?

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has anyone else experienced eyes constantly twitching?

by vwxyz on Sun Dec 09, 2012 06:10 AM

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We were told by N.O. my sons eyes are constantly twitching/moving and he must not drive a car again.  I am beginning to think he will need a companion for his unsteady walking too.    It was caused by nerve/muscular disruption in the cerebellum operation and treatment.  The cerebellum is close to the optic nerve.  Because of the constant twitching and dizziness from cerebellum treatments to get rid of the tumor, no wonder he is so tired all the time.  How can one focus on much of anything with this going on?  Has anyone experienced this also and how did you deal with it and create quality activities in your life?  Thank you for responding.  J

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