Small cell carcinoma of the appendix.

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Small cell carcinoma of the appendix.

by MadeInMichigan on Mon Dec 10, 2012 05:48 AM

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In April of '11 my mom found out she had cancer ... again. The first time it was stage one and in her colon and she was fine (that was in '05 I believe), but this time it was in her appendix. Stage 4. The cancer spread to her liver, lymph nodes, and ureter. She had surgery, the doctor claimed he got all of it out except for the spot on the liver. After surgery, she got chemo, shrank the spot on her liver, and then got surgery again just this past summer. This time, she was told everything was out. Granted she still has stage 4 cancer.

A few weeks later her CEA test found that her numbers were at 52, but the doctor ignored it. Just a week ago, she found that the numbers are at 92, and that she'll need chemo again starting shortly after my birthday in January.

Does anybody know anything about this cancer? I've seen one article that said the 5-year survival rate is about 13%, but that is all. Thanks for reading.

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