Has anyone been here?

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Has anyone been here?

by lucky24 on Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:38 AM

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Has anyone been here, your advise is really needed, i have been in and out of hospital alot in the last two months with different complications and been sick and its really getting me down. Just wondering has anyone come through this and see out the other side.

Diagnosed 2009 , stage 3 b colon cancer, surgery and 12 folox sessions. 2010 mets to ovarys and more surgery and 12 folfiri sessions with avastain. 2011 mets to pelvic region, 6 sessions of folox with avastain and 6 sessions with avastain 5fu and now im on a mainteance programme with 5fu and avastain. With 10 radiology sessions insight  on spinal area.

Problems with my legs, losing power and stomach pain, immune system at all time low , catching flu and generally been miserable.

Please if anyone has had a similar journey to me let me know, i could really do with a lift.

RE: Has anyone been here?

by livingbyfaith on Mon Dec 17, 2012 05:51 AM

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Fighting cancer is a long hard journey, really we buy time praying for something new that will help.  My husband sometimes goes long periods okay then periods like you are discussing.  Look up positive stories online, buy great positive books and keep up the fight.

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