Tumor Marker Continue to Increase with Treatment

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Tumor Marker Continue to Increase with Treatment

by bestfriendmom on Mon Dec 17, 2012 03:39 PM

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Many of you may already know my story.  My mother was diagnoised with PC on December 25, 2011.  She had the Whipple Procedure on January 19, 2012, while recovering from the Whipple Procedure she was diagnoised with C-Diff and it took 3 months for her to recover completely from it. After 5 treatments of Gemzer, she was diagnoised with severe pancreatinois and hospitalized for two weeks.  In August of 2012, the doctors told us that she was NED and that would see her again in December of 2012 for her next P-Scan.  We felt very lucky that we had been given a break and started making plans to do all the things on her bucket list.

At the end of August we took a week long trip to Ron Jon's Resort in Cocoa Beach FL.  In early October she fly to New York to visit her 98 year old mother and see the leaves change.

When she returned from New York, I could see that she was not feeling well and called Moffitt Cancer Center to talk to her team of doctors.  They decided not to wait to Decemeber and scheduled her for a P-Scan and an appointment with her doctors.   The P-Scan showed that the cancer had metsatic to her liver and it is wraped around the artery.  Her CA9-19 had gone from normal to .94. 

The doctors decided to start her on a new chemo 5-FU every two weeks for 6 treatments.  She had her third treament this last Friday.  My concern is that her tumor makers are not going down at all. In fact they continue to increase.   This week they are up to 139.9.  Does this mean the tumor is growing.  I have also heard that once the cancer metastatis it is only a matter of months until the person dies.  I would appreciate if someone would tell me about your experience with this.

Sorry this is so long

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