I am a thyroid cancer removed patient with a disability group II, highly need fund support to continue the rehabliation treatment. I need a community members support and advice leading to such help

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I am a thyroid cancer removed patient with a disability group II, highly need fund support to continue the rehabliation treatment. I need a community members support and advice leading to such help

by sigedaba on Fri Dec 28, 2012 01:55 AM

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Dear Cancer community members. I am happy to join your community which shall help to share ideas and communicate, I am 45 yrs, male, when i was still 18-21 yrs, I  received my first professional training in my native country . but after serving a while, because of some curcumstances? i decided t travel to the other country where i attended the University and was graduated getting a LLM . by now I have also a Managemennt training(Diploma), in addition to English I speak two native and two languages (Russian and Ukrainian(advanced), now I have another nationality. I explained shortly all this to give for reader a short view to my problem. in the middle of 2002 i hade frequent head ache, weakness in muscles and different symptoms. when i went to a clinic, the MD checked on my neck using ultrasound apparatus, where he told me I sjhould be surgically operated. after a month, i decided to visit and be checked at the institute of endocrine and metabolic problems under the Acadamy of Medical Sciences. The doctors after the detail investigation put my diagnoises as a malignant stage thyroid cancer, which needs urgent surgical removal, in september , after admittance for 3 weeks in bed pre-surgical prearation, the surgical removal was undertaken with the following :cancer of thyroid gland (Papillary Carcinoma (thyroid cancer [?

73] 1MX  stage ,

as a complication, I was sick with hypotheriozis in heavy decomponsation stage, II C level hypertension, II level cardiac complication CH-I . I have followed a radiotherapy for three consequence yrs, each year ( till 2005) at the cancer institute in . Then the State Experts Commission on Medical and Social issues(MSEC) Issued for me a II degree disability and issued an individual program of rehabilitation which included permanent daily intake of hormonal( artificial thyroid tablets), heart rehabilitation tabs, each year medical lab. Investigation in bed treatment, sanatoria treatment, limited permission to fulfill professional job opportunity if arranged, but only as to the medical recommendatio and limitation,,,etc. Begning from 2008, then 2010, the said commission issued regarding me thise a medical condition and on my disability as for a life time. Only till 2007  I could by my own support expense could be admitted to and get investigation and in bed treatment at a hospital. My residence is in a village small town, where the level of radio ecological pollution is 4th as to Ukraine’s ecological standard. I do not have income or resourse to realize a said  individual disabilled rehabilitation medical program, and return to better health and social life , to rehabilitate. I do not have income, because i could not be engaged in a profession since i was medicaly limited during last years and i was sick as a result of the abscence of thyroid hormone, as sick heart, as a hypertension -all interconnected.  i do have a wife and a sone who is only 11 yrs. every month, simply to purchase from pharmacy the prescribed medications, like l-terxion( the artificial hormone), the hear regulating expensive medications, the hypertntion and supportive treaments, for which 40% of a monthely income of one employed  family( a wife) or $260.00.

The Individual disablied Persons rehablitation program, which was issued by a State Medical & Social Experts Commission (MCEC) in 2008 for 2 years, then in 2010 yr includes: two times clinic detail medical laboratory investigation, including cardiograms and cardio pith photos, Ultrasonic investigation of the neck, internal rgans, hormonal and blood investigation, in bed treatment as to the prescription of sugical and medical doctors, and proflactic treatments at sanatorias equiped for such support. This is for each year, and it is not free, all services are chargable. As to my estimation (2012yr),(1) the single year medical investigation(all), inbed treatment and inbed diet  costs minimumof $1500.00 (2) A part of the one year Sanatoria proflactic treatment( for those cardiac and hormon disbalance patients who as to the prescription of a medical commission should get the sanatoria) a middium sanatoria for 21 days procedure including food and special procedure treatments) is $1450.00. 

   Total  (1)Individual Rehablittion programs $2950.00

              ( 2) Treatment continuation for the coming minium 6 months at home check ups and ussual medication purchases as explained above $3000.00

  Total fund grant or assistance which i require from any person, who want to help me in this hardship health condition , to restore my strength and go back to professional employement and further  able to help myself and my family. For all which I explained above, I do have official medical papers from time of my surgical operation till last Individual Rehablitaton program issued by  State Medical & Social Experts Commission (MCEC) 0n july 20 , 2012. I can provide all in original and copies.

 my contact : e-mail:sigedibaba@mail.ru



   with hope,


                 Sige Daba


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