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by bpp30m on Sat Jan 05, 2013 09:49 PM

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has anyone dealt with this? last month when matthew woke from his nap he takes when receiving his avastin infusion, he went into a loopy state, they said it was just a seizure, but i just felt it was more than a seizure. it lasted for about 4 days with the first 2 days being the worst, couldnt speak, non responsive, incontinent, just plain scary. we went back for his 2 month mri yesterday and got some great news, the cancer that had spread to his csf was gone and there was no change in the tumor but because of what happened last month, he was taken off the avastin. i did as much research as i could on it and theres just not alot of info on it. my concern is that this same thing happened 6 months ago (but it only lasted 2 hours) and he had not had any avastin at all. it seems like everytime we have a problem come up its always a rare one. any help would be appreciated


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