nodes under my jawline

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nodes under my jawline

by jasmin0913 on Wed Jan 09, 2013 02:46 PM

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hi there...

i hope somebody can help me to realease this fear. im so worried. for more than a year i have a bean like size if nodule under my jaw. i have to flex my head and slowly press the side of my neck and hook up using my thumb to feel the nodule. i dont feel pain or anything just the nodule and its good that never enlarge. i already consulted to my dentist but she gave me antibiotic but never disappear. im afraid to consult to a doctor. my father side have a family history of cancer. 4 yrs ago when i undergone for operation for thyroidectomy subtotal bec i had a thyroid cyst and thank God it wasnt cancerous.

please... give me some ideas about my nodule.

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