Looking 4 answers? Lymph Node uncomfortableness

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Looking 4 answers? Lymph Node uncomfortableness

by trey193 on Wed Jan 16, 2013 03:29 AM

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Hello everyone just looking 4 some answers and opinions since I am getting none from my internist. August 26th of 2012 I had a thyroglossal duct disk removed from my neck of which came back as benign when biopsyed ever since that surgery I have moderately painful lymph nodes everywhere (neck, under arms, behind knees, back of neck and def am down on energy. I have not lost any weight nor do I experience any night sweats and haven't had any fever just can't kick the lymph uncomfortableness, my doctor. Always says my nodes aren't swollen and they may not be but they ache does anyone have any Idea what i am going through could this be lymphoma or hodgkins just looking for guidance . Thanks for any help and godbless
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