Hurthle Cell Type Follicular Neoplasm diagnosis

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Hurthle Cell Type Follicular Neoplasm diagnosis

by mmmary21 on Sat Jan 19, 2013 07:16 AM

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I recently noticed a lump on my neck and my family practioner saw me immediately. Thyroid blood tests came back normal and ultrasound showed a 4.7cm nodule on my thyroid. I just had another ultrasound and biopsy, which came back as Hurthle Cell Type Follicular Neoplasm. The recommendation was to see a surgeon without delay.

I have been researching my diagnosis on the internet and every time the search takes me to a cancer related website. I understand that these are sometimes benign however my Grandmother passed away at age 81 due to thyroid cancer. I am 41 and want to know if this diagnosis means a high probability of cancer or not. Given my family history (my aunt and cousins have thyroid issues but no cancer detected) and the diagnosis, should I go ahead with surgery or get another opinion? I have an appointment with a well-credentialed surgeon on Wednesday.

My gut tells me I need surgery based on everything available about my diagnosis on the web. I just wanted to know if anybody else has had alternate, non-surgical treatments for my diagnosis. My nodule is fairly large, according to the ultrasound techs and the information I have read online. I'm fearful of the surgery and want to make sure i'm making the best decision possible.

Also, do I need an Endo in addition to a surgeon? Should I get a 2nd opinion when I can clearly see the lump in my neck?

I welcome any information as I am told I cannot delay and don't have much time to research all of this.



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