PC now Diabetes?

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PC now Diabetes?

by Melissa78 on Tue Jan 22, 2013 04:12 PM

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There are so many things you need to know. My Fiance was diagnosed in Oct and now on Chemo (Folfirinox) Yesterday was his 3rd treatment. After the 4th they are going to send him for a CT Scan to see if the inoperable tumour shrunk. While we were at Cancer Care they had told us that there was a concern with his Sugar being so high, then ran some more test and turned out that's the reason why he has been feeling "crappier" than ever. They put him on Glyburide and we have to keep an eye on his sugars. So NOW, I kinda got the diet downpacked for PC fighters and now I must do some more research on Diabetic/PC diets now. :( Anyone have any suggestions out there? We don't meet with the nutritionist until they call us with an appointment. So much to learn, since learning of this illness, it's been constand reading, reading and more reading. Since joining CancerCompass, it's been a bit of a stress reliever to see that we are not alone in this battle. At times, he feels like giving up but I won't let him get to down. He's 37 and in for the battle of his life. 

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