2nd Line Treatment Option ?s for Stage IV Colon Cancer

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2nd Line Treatment Option ?s for Stage IV Colon Cancer

by mchakra on Fri Jan 25, 2013 06:17 PM

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My 67 year old father (Stage IV Colon Cancer Mets to Liver) has finished 1 year on a clinical trial with 5FU + metmab or placebo. he only did 6 months of Oxiliplatin) after he had surgery to remove part of his colon 11/2011. We've learned that his CEA is rising (I know some docs don't care about CEA) and that some of the lesions are growing a bit. The mets to the liver seems to be gone. We've decided to come off this treatment and look for 2nd line treatment. 

We are weighing our options between: 

1. Folfiri + the new drug Zaltrap

2. Clinical trial in Atlanta: http://www.cancer.gov/clinicaltrials/search/view?cdrid=69592

3. HIPEC surgery

Curious if anyone has used Zaltrap yet?
Participated in this 2nd line trial?
And/or has done the HIPEC surgery? 

We are meeting w/the surgeon Monday at Emory to learn more about it and will make our decision next week. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.

Big hugs to all of you,


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