Pancreatic CA Treatment Options

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Pancreatic CA Treatment Options

by megomego on Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:06 PM

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It's so very hard to find a provider willing to help you fight the fight....but we are stil going to fight, even if it's just our family!

Dad was diagnosed w/PC in April 2012.  They started tx with Genzar (d/c'd due to rare lung reaction), then went to 5FU w/Oxaliplatin (d/c'd due to loss of blood to colon), and most recently started on Abraxane alone.  His cancer counts have always decreased, except the several weeks off any chemo before Abraxane, when tumor marker levels shot up to 12000, but after 3 treatments and reduced to below 6000! 

It seems that things we have asked for in the past or asked for more info on were turned down to me or laughed at - but it's really happening for others.  

I want to hear about other treatment options than those he's already tried....what are patients getting in others parts of the US or world (besides OR) that is helping to reduce or resolve their pancreatic cancer disease? 


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