The reason of pancreatic cancer increase ?

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The reason of pancreatic cancer increase ?

by neurontogoaolco on Sun Jan 27, 2013 06:35 PM

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Has any body heard of a treatment where a cheolation treat meant that also clean's the villi as well as arterial plauqe ?. Allowing enzymes to once more reach the pancreus so the pancreus the least sellfish organ of the body,and will not have to leave it self open to attack.Ive heard that tryson and cromotrypson suple ment's p.h. coated to break down in the small intestine and absorb'ed by the now clean ViLLi via VILLAS. ive heard  man has created 75.000 toxin's in 60 year's and with E.M.F. being toxin's procrastenation is no option or game, it go's we go.Is that true ?

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