Looking for help to be cancer free?

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Looking for help to be cancer free?

by chapcept45 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 09:54 AM

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First I would say no one understands what it means to have cancer or have a loved one who suffers from this disease. My name is Pamela velafuert I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer 5 years ago and I thought my world was over. I went from one specialist to the other and nothing worked and then I decided to turn in for spiritual guidance. I actually was not a believer in spiritual healing and positive imaging. Yes you have heard of it. Well today I can tell you I am cancer free a SURVIVOR. Please do not let this ordeal take your loved ones from you. It is not wrong to try all options available. If you want to have this information please feel free to ask any question and I will respond.

RE: Looking for help to be cancer free?

by daus334 on Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:45 PM

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Dear Pamela,

Congratulations on your success! I am not surprised that your treatment approach has actually worked. There is a whole area in the modern medicine called psychoneuroimmunology. This area of immunology studies the existing links between our central nervous system (including psychological processes) and the immune system. Numerous papers in medical journals suggest that the immune system can be significantly boosted or, vice versa, suppressed by psychological influences. For example, severe and prolonged psychological stress can cause significant suppression of all elements of the immune system, which can lead to a range of diseases and/or their more rapid progression (including cancers).

On the other hand, there are other psychological factors (such as positive thinking and imaging, strong beliefs that you will get better, specially designed hypnosis, meditations, relaxations, etc.) that enable boosting and strengthening of your immune system.

Practically all cancers are sensitive (to greater or lesser extent) to immunity modulation. Therefore, I would think that you have been able to use the existing psychoneuroimmunological links in your body to boost your immune system (through your spiritual healing and positive imaging) and enable it to successfully eliminate your cancer. This shows the potential effectiveness of psychoneuroimmunology in treating cancer. I would also think that many other so-called spontaneous regressions of cancers could be linked to psychological impacts on the immune system.

I have been diagnosed with a blood cancer called myelofibrosis more than 4.5 years ago. It was originally quite bad, judging by my blood tests and symptoms. I did not have any conventional treatments for my condition. Instead, I have been using a psychoimmunomodulating technique based on self-suggestions and some degree of imagery. This appeared to be highly successful and effective (the first effects appeared just in about one week - my fatigue was practically gone). I have not yet eliminated my cancer. However, there have been significant and continuous improvements in my condition over about 4.5 years, apart from a couple of temporary drawbacks caused by patches of severe psychological stress (see, for example, the paper in NeuroImmunoModulation, 2011, vol. 18, pp.171-183).

I believe that we still have to fully appreciate the power of psychoimmunomodulating approaches in cancer therapy.

All the best.

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