My father had Colon Cancer stage 4

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My father had Colon Cancer stage 4

by bhaby on Tue Feb 05, 2013 04:29 PM

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Hello everyone, i would like to share my Father illness. He had surgery to remove the tumor (2pounds) a year ago 2012 of january & have Colostomy..The Doctor told to him he will be lucky to live 1 or 2 years. I live here in US and he live in the Southeast Asia in the Philippines. After his surgery he never been in Chemo that he supposed to because he don't like the result of loosing appetite & hair after chemo. we able to see him past a couple of months and able to meet his first grandson,but we came back here in the US, so he hope & pray to able to see us again. but lately he is not doing well, he is more pain and On and Off, sometimes he able to walk do his chores sometimes he just in the bed and suffering, the medicines he's taking is not longer help to him to ease the pain, his leg swell from time to time, he feeling full all the time and hard to eat any hard food only juice and soup that he can able to swallow. Every time i talk to him through phone he have this hiccup? which i wonder why he always have it? shortness of breath. can not sleep because of the pain, he do not like to go to the hospital to be compine because he saying that's gonna be it and he prepare to die with family,sister,neices,nepew around him than in hospital that even one breath of fresh air he can not feel it. I don't know how long he will be like these pain & suffering, he wish to be gone when he is sleeping. i don't know also how many days, weeks or months he will be? any comments are appreciated. Thank you...

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