astrocytoma grade 4

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astrocytoma grade 4

by screwball1105 on Tue Feb 12, 2013 03:56 AM

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my wife has been diagnosed with an astrocytoma grade 4 ,well on december 12 of 2012 she had surgery but the tumor was not removed completetly and we just started radiation and chemo therapy ... but we dont know much about it and are trying to find out more information cause every one we ask gives me different answers or confflicting information ; we still have a small child and need to know what to spec from this type of tumor /cancer ...can it be cure or not and survival rate

RE: astrocytoma grade 4

by SarahGrey on Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:07 PM

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sorry to hear...

what I've learned in the past few months is that you're likely not getting a straight answer because everyone is affected by gbm (which is what she has) differently. 

her age, size of tumor(s), how much can be removed, location of tumor(s), how she responds to treatment, etc all affect how well she will do.  and don't google survival rate - it'll just depress you.  i believe those survival rates are based on old data before the new meds have come out.  and what you'll see on THIS site is that there ARE survivors out there.  have hope, don't give up and don't stop fighting... 

in general, this will be a tough fight and she will need you beside her - more than anything she will need you to comfort her and just "be there" for her.  if and when her personality changes, don't take it personally.  if she gets mad or angry, don't take it personally.  this monster affects their mind, thoughts, body...  everything.  but she is still your wife, still the person you married and love and even though she may seem "out of it" at times, she is still aware of what's going on and still thinks and feels the same emotions, etc...  she's still "herself"...

wishing you all the best, sarah

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