Dad just diagnosed stage 4 colon cancer-trying to make sense of it all

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Dad just diagnosed stage 4 colon cancer-trying to make sense of it all

by Jeanieo66 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 02:04 PM

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Hi, i'm new here.  My dad who is 74 was just diagnosed Thursday with stage 4 that has spread to the lymph nodes and abdomen. He had emergency surgery a week ago this past Friday to remove a tumor in his colon.   We meet with the oncologist this coming Thursday to discuss his treatment.  I know this is a really dumb question but what does she mean when she says abdomen--the organs of the abdomen?  She did not say abdominal wall, just 'spread thru his abdomen'.  I'm trying to get prepared to ask the proper questions and I'm just not grasping what she means.  She mentioned oral chemo with his age and current health.  He is diabetic also, is this going to effect his chemo treatment and his health condition?  I'm sorry but I'm just not making any sense of the whole thing.

Thank you so much in advance for any guidance and information  you can help me with. 

RE: Dad just diagnosed stage 4 colon cancer-trying to make sense of it all

by Burntcookie on Wed Feb 20, 2013 01:20 AM

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I'm new here too.  My mom (71) was diagnosed with CC in November last year, and had two emergency surgeries.  She also had mets to her "abdomen".  Her oncologist explained that there are a bunch of little tiny specks of cancer (she called it "seedings") spread all over the abdomen cavity. Some on her intestines, some of the wall of her stomach.  Your dad may have something similar perhaps, but do ask his onc to explain this.  In terms of oral chemo, it may mean your dad may have to take chemo in a pill form and not by a port or IV.  You can also call the onc's office with your list of questions, and not necessarily wait for the next appt.  For my mom, I brought a recording device to the first couple of appointments so no one would miss anything, including myself.  My parents are hard of hearing and they tend to mishear things, or they forgot half the stuff the onc said.  

I hope this helps some.  Good luck to your dad.  

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