Search Engine for Oncology

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Search Engine for Oncology

by Protein53 on Mon Feb 18, 2013 04:37 PM

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We have a created a search engine for oncology. Protein53 is the most comprehensive oncology specific search engine on the Internet. It is at

Protein53 Oncology Portal - is a highly customized research portal that seamlessly reaches across thousands of cancer related News, Feeds, Blogs, Gov. sites and cancer conference ?ndings to deliver to you a robust set of relevant research documents to help you address the needs of your patients.

We search and index over 50 million documents of the leading news publications as well as articles and reports from sources such as Medline, Pubmed, Clinical Trials and major news providers. In addition we provide with a full text search of the major cancer conferences and their published abstracts.

Registration is free and if you need any features, feel free to contact us at

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