Left side of neck/chest nymph bulge/soreness can it be cancer?

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Left side of neck/chest nymph bulge/soreness can it be cancer?

by ItsjustMolly on Sat Jun 29, 2013 04:17 PM

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My Dad lately has been having issues with his left shoulder and neck, we didn't think it was something bad and had him get checked up nonetheless our doctor stated that it may have just been an affection and gave us some antibiotics and sent us home. After a week or two, we noticed that the pain wasn't getting any better and that the bulge/soreness was still there. We went to the doctor again and got an MRI scan, they checked his blood, and said that there was nothing in both of the tests. So they again said that it might be just an affection that needs stronger antibiotics or its cancer. What are the chances of a healthy man,45 at age with completely no relations to cancer in his family to have cancer? Please help me because as his daughter I am beyond worried and scared for him and his is the best father I could ever have. What is the likelihood that he has cancer, and if its a large chance. Then what are the percentages of survival rate from that type of cancer, what are the odds against him? What can we do to help him, how can we reduce his pain? How can I not lose my dad...? His been tired lately, he runs and he seems to like it but he says that he gets tired often and he has a little of a hard time swallowing food...they're going to take some tissues from that part of his chest and neck to see if it is cancer..please please please help me figure what this is ????????????????????
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