Any one taking Femara?

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Any one taking Femara?

by Jamie_B on Sat Jan 10, 2004 12:00 AM

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Hello I just wanted to say thank you to all the people that wrote me on my first post. It has been 6 mo since my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It is of unknown primary but it is estrogin receptive.All of the doctors we have spoken to say it isn't important to find the primary since her treatments seem to have it under control. She has mets to the liver with the largest tumor at 7cm. She began her chemo with Taxol and Carbo, it didn't work so they switch to one that begins with an A (just can't think of the name). She had 6 sessions and on her last CT scan it showed that no new growth had occured and even that there was some shrinkage of the large tumors. Her new doctor has been so much more supportave and encouraging. They decided to try Femara. I have read up on it and it seems to be the next resonable step. They wanted to give her heart a rest from the chemo. If this Femara can keep the tumors under control the doctors said she will not have to go back on chemo. My mom has been reacting very well to all her treatments, she looks wonderful and feels pretty good most of the time. I am just wondering if anyone else has any experience with Femara and what you can tell me. Thank you all again for all the prayers. I hope this New Year brings everyone much happiness and time well spent with loved ones. Jamie
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