Daughter looking for ideas on how to help terminal patient´s spirit fighting?

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Daughter looking for ideas on how to help terminal patient´s spirit fighting?

by Pecrive03 on Tue Feb 06, 2007 12:00 AM

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Dear friends:

My dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer in Nov 28, everything has happened so fast, I live abroad and return to be with him after a month, in Feb 1st. In Dec 30 he got us his family together to tell us that he would fight, until the end, and try to keep his spirit together, and enjoy life to the fullest. Well, now the cancer has grown, and he is weaker, in the clinic for 2 weeks, and even though he can talk he refuses to do so, and rejects  being touched or any expression of closeness, even though we know he loves us and that he needs us as well. He gets angry at us, looses his temper easily, which is not good for him and makes mom feel so sad.

I know there are lots of people here with a similar experience, maybe you can share ideas on how to help him. We would like to help him in enjoying his last days with his grandkids, kids, and wife, I dont mean  having a blast, but at least sharing thoughts, worries, memories, in short just releasing some stress we know he has. Some days ago he did tell my brother he cant sleep soundly because he has so many things to think about and apparently that torture him. He is a very smart man, and we know he suspects he wont get over this crisis, but he doesnt ask, and at the same time he still has some hope, because he kept asking when is the next chemo, which now would be worthless and would do him more harm than good.

I pray for all of you, and thanks for your ideas!


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