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Support the fight

by Pinky6306 on Fri Feb 09, 2007 12:00 AM

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I was diagnosed with ALL when I was just 11. This past December, I celebrated my 7 year anniversary of being cancer free! As you may have guessed, having cancer at such a young age was life changing to say the least. Thankfully, through the support of my family and friends and the blessing of God, I was able to walk away from the experience with a closer sense of who I am and more importantly, who God is and how he has directed my life.
After my experience, I have felt compelled to continue the fight against cancer, although my personal battle is over. I have volunteered and raised money for several organizations, one being the American Cancer Society and more specifically Relay For Life (ACS's biggest fundraiser).
This year, I was actually elected to serve on SMU's Relay For Life Leadership Board! Each member of the Board has been asked to raise $200. As a cancer survivor, I truly believe I have the passion and ability to go beyond that and have set my goal at $1000.
I have a personal page on ACS website where donations can be made.
Furthermore, if you would like to become more familiar with my personal battle, please visit or Relay and the American Cancer Society, visit
Thanks so much
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