tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

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RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by suzannas on Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:00 AM

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 Hi Melanie,

I was wondering how your husband is doing? My husband was diagnosed w/ stage 3 rectal cancer about 1 1/2 years ago & is now experiencing severe tailbone pain as well.... 

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On 2/15/2007 Leanne wrote:

anyone here have pain in their tail bone who has colon cancer or any cancer in the abdomen, . I had a cat scan yesturday and dont have the results. I hope they find out what is wrong with me but i am praying there is nothing wrong. I am worried .......................


My hubby has that exactly.  He has been diagnosed with Stage III Rectal Cancer and he is only 32.  Not sure what else to say other than he has a tumor and the surrounding tissue is ulcerated.  It is approx 1.5 centers or 1/2 inch inside so easy enough to touch it is so close.  Hence all the pain. He can barely sit a lot of the time, Vicodin doesnt even help much. Since he has been diagnosed, he takes laxatives nightly which also helps the pain.  Have you seen a Dr yet?  I hope so, if not RUN to get a colonoscopy.




RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by cowgirlsmom on Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:00 AM

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hi I think you meant to reply to someone else? 


RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by coricidin on Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:00 AM

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Dear Carol,

Please continue to press for answers to your pain. A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with a tumor on her tail bone. She is terminal now and perhaps if a MRI or CT scan was done she may have had better results. Her ability to walk and support her frame will gradually be non-existant. Sitting is impossible for her and standing has rendered her to swollen legs. A rash is now covering her body that burns like fire...not sure what is causing that problem still waiting to hear on the dermotology report. Press the medical profession to find the reason why. Many things were brushed under the carpet and now the medical staff is working on trying to make her comfortable in her final days however long that might be.

Good Luck In Finding The Answers....


RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by Decrb on Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:02 PM

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I'm so glad I found this site! I am a 32 year old female. The past week has been very strange. I had extremely bad stomach cramps for about four days and yesterday my tailbone hurt so bad that I went in to see my doctor. My stools have been a little abnormal for about a month. I don't know what to begin to ask for? My doctor sent me in for an xray and they saw nothing, she told me to wait it out a couple of days to see if it gets better. I work and have four kids, unsure about what to do:/ Please help with some guidance, I don't know what to ask for.


How is your husband, please forgive me I stopped reading the thread here...


RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by joebea73 on Thu Oct 14, 2010 06:41 PM

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I have stage 3 colon cancer and ever since they operated on me Ive had severe lower back pain I finally got an mri and found chronic degenerative disc disease

RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by drebeslinkroger on Fri Oct 15, 2010 03:21 PM

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Please Please Please... Dont worry about what the doctor thinks or worry that you might make him mad !!!!  Take someone strong with you who will stand there and say "SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE AND FIND OUT WHAT IT IS"

My husband doctored for a year with therapists-pain management - and a doctor who got on top of him and jumped on his back.  OH  he forgoet to take a CT scan that showed a massive tumor that affected his tailbone and right front ab all around to the back.  Blood tests showed nothing.  Please write down everything that is wrong with you and take your spouse or friend  who will stand there and insist of them sending you somewhere.  That is what it took for my husband.  I refused to leave without an answer and we found an answer - just not what we had hoped.

Prayers headed your way++++

RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by Debbie2 on Fri Oct 15, 2010 03:53 PM

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i agree keep on top of this.   my husband was diagnosis oct 06 with colon cancer-  had surgery - did 12 cycle of chemo- that ended may 07- did fine until april 08- developed back/tailbone pain- went to dr- did ct scan -they said it showed nothing- said was a disc issue - did physical therapy and pain management- went on for three months- pain meds did not touch the pain.  so finally in august i went with him to the dr and was very aggressive- i said why when he has a bowel movement he has some relief-  guess what after doing a physical exam they found something- next day emergency colonoscopy- found a tumor near the original site- plus tumors on his liver/lung and pelvic area-  so we "messed" around for three months-  i did have them look at the orginal ct scan- "oh yeah there might be something there grrrrrrrrrrrr"

so get aggresive and firm- you know your body better than anyone else -  i knew my husbands cancer had returned in april but no one listened to me-  i know my husband and his habits

i agree keep a journal of everything- pains aches- what helps what doesn't help-  my husband was having issues with chemo and they didn't believe me so i keep a daily journal of what he eat- how he acted- bathroom issues- sleeping habits and handed it to the dr and nurse on his next chemo round and they read it and decided he was getting toxic- they need to see stuff in writing.  when he was in the hospital in march with diarrhea they didn't believe he was having 23 bouts a day- so we started writing each one down along with the time- i shoved it in the dr face the next morning- guess what they got more aggressive with his meds. 

sorry to be on the soap box- but been there done that and if i have learned anything over these last four yrs-  is listen to your body and be aggressive with your drs- don't take no for an answer-  keep and journal and show them the symptoms.

i hope this helps -  good luck


RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by juliannad on Sat Nov 27, 2010 06:37 PM

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i have read all the messages from all and have grown increasingly worried. i am only 15 and i can't find it possible that i may have something like this. about 2 months ago, i started to realize my tailbone hurts. and it hurts a lot. like if i stand up from sitting, it feels like a very sharp pain right on my tailbone. i have never injured my tailbone. i'm not sure if this is a good thing or not but the pain weakens or isn't so bad when i have a bowel movement. which isn't very often and when i do its only a little bit. so to make it feel better i take laxatives and eat all the fiber i can to try to have more bowel movements. it hurts when i squeeze my butt cheeks together. (excuse my language) I'm not sure if problems in the colon are genetic but my mom has a colonoscopy done every year and same with my grandma. i know my mom also takes special medicine to keep things regulated. I'm just a little worried, it seems like things are getting worse. could you guys offer your advice as of what i should do, if i even should go see a doctor. i haven't told my mom much about anything except that my "tailbone hurts" because if its nothing i don't want to worry her.

thanks, julianna

RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by mfamiano2000 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 05:11 PM

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 You need to talk to your mom. Don't think telling her will worry her, we, as moms worry ALL THE TIME. When you

have something that's not quite routine, it may be something simple and then problem solved once you get it checked. Good luck! Maureen

RE: tail bone pain and colon cancer ???

by stonerozes on Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:31 PM

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Please Help me..

Im 32 years old and have been visiting my doctor with terrible back pain and pain in my coccyx over the past few months, and have been told that it is probably due to stress after my husband leaving about 6 months ago.

I have also been bleeding during and after sex, have unpleasant vaginal discharge and urine, and also bleed between periods. i sweat every night and wake through the pain in my back. Sex is painful now and my coccyx just hurt so much.

I was given an MRI scan of my back, but the results came back normal, and i was told there were no abnormalities, but when i asked if my coccyx were included in the scan, she simply said im worrying for nothing, but no, the coccyx were not included in the scan. She also told me that the scan may not always detect cancer.

I went in for a smear test two weeks ago and received the results today saying my results were abnormal, and gave the result of 'moderate dyskaryosis'. Now.. im starting to worry a little. cancer is very big in my family, and after losing my mothers sister, my nan having breast cancer twice, and her two sisters losing their battle with cancer, along with their mother, i want to find out what is wrong, and if i need to take further action. 

What should i do, or do i just wait?

Please help. Any advice would be helpful.

Many thanks, and my thoughts are with you all xxx

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