can benign cystic mass in kidney turn to cancer

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can benign cystic mass in kidney turn to cancer

by Leanne on Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:00 AM

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I GOT MY TEST RESULTS.  I went to the hospital to get my results from he cat scan and I haven’t talked to the doctors yet. So I thought I would run it by you all and see if you know anything about the results.

There is a tiny amount of free fluid within the cul-de-sac. There is a right adnewal cystic mass that measures approximately 1x0.9 cm in AP and transverse dimension respectively that is felt to be of ovarian etiology and may respresent benign functional ovarian follicle. There are 3 tiny benign 3 mm in diameter hepatic cysts within the liver from which 2 are seen within the left lobe of the liver and one with in the anterior segment of the right lobe of the liver. Within the midpole of the right kidney there is a tiny 4 mm diameter benign renal cortical cyst. There is minmal linear subsegmental atelectasis within the left lower lobe. Upper evaluation of the bone windows no osseous abnormality is seen.

Tiny right adnewal cystic mass of detailed above that is flet to represent a benign functional ovarian follicle. If clinically desired further assessment that is of limited pelvic ultrasound study would be benefit.
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