Metastatic Colon Cancer

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Metastatic Colon Cancer

by MARLENE_A on Mon Jan 26, 2004 12:00 AM

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Hi, My name is Marlene. I was diagnosed in Nov of 2003 with adenocarcioma of the cecum. On Dec. 5 I had colon cancer surgery. The ascending colon was removed, along with 12 lymph glands, 4 of which were malignant, and two lesions on the liver, one on each lobe were excised, both malignant. The colonc resections was done and I'm recuperating fine from the surgery. I started chemo with 5FU/leucovorin last Wednesday and am told that I will require 24 weekly treatments in a 32 week period, with 2 week breaks in between the 6 week sessions of weekly treatments. I would really like to chat with someone who has been through this process. I'm holding my own (emotionally) right now and have wonderful support, but it's still pretty frightening. I've been very healthy all my life, have no medical problems, don't even take aspirin on a regular basis, so having chemicals pumped into my body is a very scary thing. I just finished taking a stress reduction and relaxation seminar which is helping control the anxiety, but it would be great to be able to talk with someone who has come through this and survived. Thanks so much, Marlene

Colorectal Cancer and The "future"

by Randy_L on Tue Aug 24, 2004 12:00 AM

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Dear Marlene, I see by the date of your posting, you started chemo about the same time I finished. I, too, have metastic colorectal cancer and have had resection and chemo (yours + oxyliplatin). I trust by this time you have survived the chemo and are on your way to recovery. It is wonderful that you have such support and, honestly, I believe that your friends and family are your best "raison d'etre". I can't really offer much in the way of encouragement except for the the so-called stastics from the National Cancer Society. These are rather two-edged, but I have found that, for myself (a rather right-brained "rational" male), they are comforting in their directness. Six percent of persons with mestastic (Stage IV) colon cancer who have undergone resection and chemotherapy survive 5 years or longer. That you and I are still here beats the odds, wouldn't you say? There is light at the end of the tunnel, I believe, and every day is a gift. Sincerely, Randy L.

Greetings From Canada

by Polly57 on Mon Dec 13, 2004 12:00 AM

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Hi Marlene I also was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma of the cecum 6 yrs ago. At that time, I thought I was going to die. Last year, the oncologists at Cancer Clinic gave me months to live. I am still doing well and have my good and bad days. I went through surgery,chemo, radiation and alternative treatments. I am now off chemo and will not take that again. It is too hard on my body and I really believe that if I would have taken it last year, this time, I would not have survived. You have to do what you feel is right for you as everyone is different and each responds differently to the chemo. I have had 2 recurrences (one the cancer returned to my psoas muscle, the next time in my bones). It is now in remission. Can't believe I am still here but didn't think I would be here to celebrate this X-mas, but I am. Take care Marlene, and keep in touch.


by Polly57 on Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:00 AM

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Hi Marlene, Just read your profile and wondering how you have been doing. I only found this site about a month ago and just today I came across your letter. I went through the whole colon cancer thing 6 years ago. I was diagnosed with a stage 3-4. I had surgery (cancer of cecum), chemo and radiation. Then a recurrence a year later and more surgery. This time in Toronto because no doctor where I live would do the surgery. It was in my psoas muscle and was too complicated of a surgery for anyone here. I pulled through that one and followed up with more chemo. November of 2004, another recurrence. This time they gave me months to live. Never expected to see Christmas of 2005 – saw Christmas of 2004 and 2005. Am hoping for 2006 but don’t want to push too many buttons here. I will close now and hope to hear from you telling me that you are doing fine. God Bless You.

Re: Metastatic Colon Cancer

by Mary_Sue on Thu Mar 03, 2005 12:00 AM

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Dear Marlene: I just discovered this site! My name is Mary Sue, I’m 48 years old. My sister Terry was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome June of 2004, Stage 4. It traveled to her liver, spleen and lungs. She was in good health, it was discovered due to abdominal pain which they thought was gall bladder. And the nightmare began. She was told she only had a year. Nothing they could do. She is treated at Sloan Kettering in New York. Well, site of origin was in the cecum. They said no side effects but 3 months later she had a blockage, and thank god she pulled through with a successful resection – no colostomy bag!! Of course all family had to be checked because this is a genetic disease. My brother’s OK, Terry’s son is OK, me – I have polyps in the colon, but thank god they have not turned cancerous. I have polyps in my stomach also. I would never have known if I was not checked. Like yourself, I have never been sick. Terry is on chemo 2 times a month – they day for the rest of her life. It has been very trying, she is a good sport! But of course the anxiety she is dealing with is horrible! When is the end, what will happen – she has great family support. She is up and ambulating. But her world has been turned upside down! As you well know!! They want me to either be screened or have a colon resection. I am still debating my choice. A lot to digest. I am worried about my sister now. I live in Florida and she is in New York. Which makes it so hard. I feel so helpless for her when she is having a bad day. Of course I am positive, but… Anyway I would love to speak with you more!! Mary Sue!

Be Strong

by Del_B on Mon Mar 28, 2005 12:00 AM

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Hi Marlene, I have stage VI colon cancer that metastatic to my lungs. I was diagnosed at age 32, I am now 38. I have had surgery to remove my lower rectum, which left me with an irreversable colostomy, I've had surgery on my left lung, to only find out that the cancer had spread to my right lung. I have been on 5FU, Luekovorin, Olixplaten, and now I'm on Avistin and Camptostar. You're right to wonder about so many powerful chemicals being pumped into your body, and I'm not going to lie and tell you it was a picnic because it's not. There are still times when I'm getting ready for my treatment and I get sick before I even get to the doctors, it's very psychological, but I look at it this way, I have been dealing with this for six years and I'm pretty sure that if I elected to not take any chemo that I would not be here writing to you. But, my advice to you is keep the faith and turn to God. I'm not sure if you're a religious person, but if I'm ever scared about any diagnoses that I have received or if they want to try out a new drug, I just pray to God that everything will work out. Also, your family and friends. Even though you might not feel like being bothered after your treatment, if you have a good support system at home it can make the world of difference. I wish you the best of luck. Del


by Johnbob on Wed May 18, 2005 12:00 AM

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In 2001 I was operated on for colon-rectal cancer, stage 4, which matastified to the liver sith 2 lesions, one on each portal. I also have an ostomy bag I was put on the chemo your on 24hrs a day with a fanny pack. I also had 6wks. of radation at the same time. I was a little tired from the radation, but not sick with the chemo. I have remained on a maintenance plan with different chemos since. My CEA count has been up and down. The last pet scan showed 2 more lesions and are growing. My CEA count went up to 44. My Dr. added herbeside along with my regular chemo. I've done that for 3 wks and my count has gone down to 12, so I quess that it is working. I'am presently looking into radiology ablation. They don't do it here in Maine. The oncologist surgeon has reviewed my scans and feels that he can help me. In 2001 there was just the chemo treatment that I had, radiation or operating if it was feasible. So they've come a long way. Just try to deal with one day at a time and try not to get stressed. I was never a believer of support groups but I'am now. They have saved my sanity, talking with others who are in the same boat. They say for each support group that you attend, it can add 5yrs. to your life. Sincerly, John

Hello Del b

by Dianakay99 on Thu Jun 23, 2005 12:00 AM

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I just read your message to Marlene. Your situation is the exact same as mine. I was 48 when diagnosed in 2004 with stage IV, had a resection then went through 12 cycles of oxaliplaten/5FU/leucovorin and Avastin. Was put on Avastin only as maintenance this past Feb., but my CT scan last week showed a new growth and an old regrowth in my lungs. My doctor now wants me to try Camptosar with Avastin. What were your side effects and how did the cocktail work? I was encouraged to hear you have been fighting this for six years. Some days it feels so hopeless, but God picks me up and keeps me going on. I have three boys, the youngest just finished his freshman year in high school. I hope to be able to see him graduate. Praying you are doing well ... Debbie

Metastatic Colon Cancer

by Polly57 on Wed Aug 03, 2005 12:00 AM

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Hi Marlene I went through the exact same surgery and chemo as you are now going through. I went through this in 1998 and it is now 7 years later. They gave me 5 years to live - it is now 7 and I am still alive and well. Have had a few setbacks and these you must expect. But keep the faith and keep on living and praying. Life is so precious and I do want to keep on living. I have so much to live for. I have had my cancer recur three times and have come through these also. Take care and my prayers are with you. Keep in touch and any questions - feel free to ask.

Met. Colon Cancer

by 4roses on Thu Oct 06, 2005 12:00 AM

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Hello Marlene: My daughter sent me this website. I hope you are doing alright. My husband is 49 & has Metastatic Colon Cancer Stage 4. I saw your posting was from a while ago so I wanted to know what is going on with you today - if you don't mind. His was found Jan.05 and had the surgery and has been taking the chemo. as it is in liver and lungs. He has a good attitude and prays. Please don't worry about discouraging me I just really want to know how you are doing...thanks, kathryn
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