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    The American Cancer Society has some great books on chemo. I begged for information . My daughter found some for me. Number one the unknown is scary, but you get through it, hopefully with out many side effects. I took 4 kinds of chemo and toward the last it was rough, many side effects that medicine will cure. You will get pills for nausea and diarrhea ,etc. use them when you need them. I took chemo pills with radi...

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      December 08, 2012
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        I am so sorry. I too have Pancreatic Cancer in arteries in the neck of the Pancreases and to the liver. I am having the mega does of chemo to try and shrink so I can have radiation,etc. Then maybe whipple. I have decided that if I do not have good results with this chemo I will just enjoy the time I have left and be with my family instead of hospitals,etc. I feel blessed to be able to have time to make important dici...

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