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    Hi Guys, I'm not knew to this site, but have not been on in over 2 years since my brother passed away from colon cancer and the age of 42 and my father with another cancer at the age of 60. Since my brothers dx. his siblings of course had to start undergoing colonoscopies, me at the age of 38, when I had my first, they found 5 hyperplastic polyps, no biggy, took them out, came back benign. A year later, 10 benig...

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    My name is Colleen and I am the daughter of Joe Jr., who was dx. 12/08 with a GBM4 and the sister of Joe, dx. with colon cancer on 3/08. I lost my brother 12/10/09 and my father on 2/17/10 to their cancers. They may both be gone from this life, but are not forgotten!

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