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    Hi.   Never thought I would have to be on this site again but here I am.  You see 4 years ago my husband was diagnosed with Primary Liver Cancer.  This site helped me through his treatments and complications.   He passed on 12/29/09.  I miss him so much but here I am again for myself.   I was diagnosed on 1//3/13 and recently had a total hysterecomy via DiVinci Robot. ...

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      I think each person reacts a different way.   My father was diagnosed in beginning of October with lung cancer and passed away within three weeks.  The cancer was agressive and spread to his liver.   My husband was diagnosed 12/31/08 with primary liver cancer and passed 12/29/09.   He lived almost a year with the cancer.  Both exhibited the same symptons the last week of their ...

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        Hi Dan, I haven't been on this board in two years.   My husband was diagnosed with Liver Cancer 12/31/08.   He lost his battle 12/29/09.   About a month before his passing he started getting very bloated (asites).   A week before his passing he was sleeping alot, not eating, had blood in his urine, and became very confused.  Unfortunately I knew what was happening since t...

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