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    Thanks a lot for your words and I also so sorry for your sister!! We have to keep in faith and fight!! About melatonin is not allowed in my country, maybe I' ll have to bye there and bring it here!! But I feel a lot better to hear that we're in the right way. If you don't mind to tell me which supplements the doctor said it'ld be nice. I can take to his doctor and talk about it. If you prefer, you can email me...

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      My brother has 43 years old and last month he was diagnostic GBM. A one month ago exactly he made a surgery and the doctor said that was remove everything. Yesterday he started radio+temodal and today he's very sick.... Searching in Internet I knew that treatment CPTIII + avastin. Wich one is better for this kind of tumor??? We have a very good doctor in my country, but I know that you should have more information th...

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