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    Keep in mind that I am not a doctor.   I will give you my 2 cents on this, as I've read a lot about this issue lately.  In my opinon, it sounds like your doctors are doing the appropriate tests for your symptoms.   I live in a decent-sized community and they didn't do the tests you had even when a colonoscopy biopsy revealed that I actually had the type of tumor that causes a Chromogranin A ...

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      I was diagnosed with Stage 1 PC 3 years ago at the age 48.   I NEVER smoked, rarely drank alcohol and I was 30 pounds overweight.    I did however, partake regularly of "diet" foods (soda & snacks) that contained aspartame.   I now avoid it at all cost....I don't trust the stuff!   I will never know why I got pc, but for some reason, I think aspartame is partly to blam...

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        I'm beginning to think it might be bile reflux as I don't normally have an acid problems (heartburn etc.) in my stomach.   I hadn't had a spicy meal, but I had eaten an omlet & bacon about 2 hours before my "episode" yesterday. Maybe it's the fat from the bacon that triggeredan extra dose of bile or something. My local G.I. is kind of afraid of treating me now that I've had a Whipple.   My su...

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          Anyone else experience this?   I had my Whipple in June of 2010.   After healing, I started having "episodes" of a weird and very bad overall feeling.   I can feel it coming on in my stomach first.   It's a full, slightly nautious & burning feeling.  Soon it turns to pressure and a terrible overall feeling that goes from my stomach, up my chest and then radiates to my...

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