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About Willing and Hayley

by Hayley5 - November 15, 2008

Hi to All,

I am Willing's Wife.  Just wanted to let you all know our story.

In June of 2005 our five year old Daughter Hayley was diagnosed with DIPG.  Our world turned upside down.  One day she's running across the yard and I'm thinking wow she can run fast for a five year old.  And within a few weeks she can't seem to stay on her feet.  And by July she can't walk.  It happened that fast.  Hayley underwent 6 weeks of Radiation and Chemo.  We were told that was the only treatment for DIPG.  We were also told by one of her doctor's "of all the kids that we know of that have this kind of tumor they all die within 2 months to 2 years of diagnoses".  Since they all die after receiving Radiation and Chemo that says to me that Radiation and Chemo doesn't work and they know it doesn't work but they will put the child through it anyway!  

Before I even knew that Hayley was sick God showed me Hayley wearing one of her favorite outfits laying in a casket.  I saw it 2 different times both times I said why am I see this, this is crazy!  Then I forgot about it.  I have seen visions before that came true.  In 1990 I started seeing what I thought was myself  driving my car down the road and I go to make a left hand turn and I get hit in the drivers side. I saw it over and over again and shortly after that my mother inlaw got killed that way. As soon as that happened I stopped seeing the vision.  A few years later I started seeing people strapped in airplane seats falling from the sky landing in the ocean I saw it over and over again.  And shortly after that TWA flight 800 blew up over the ocean.   When that happened I stopped seeing the vision.  A few years later I started seeing an explosion and black men flying through the air.  I saw it many times and shortly after that someone bombed the American Embassy in Africa.  I always wondered why God showed me these things because he didn't give me enough information to stop it. I didn't realize what I was seeing until the event actually happened.  Now I believe God was preparing me for Hayley.  One morning while staying at the Ronald McDonald House I had a dream that we were at our church and I was walking down the aisle carrying Hayley's lifeless body in my arms and I went and laid her on the alter.  Once again I believe that God was telling me that I was going to have to give her back to him.  But I still didn't want to believe it. And I thought if I just have enough faith some how God will heal her.  We searched for other treatments. We went to Dr. Burzynski in Houston.  We believe that if we had been told about Dr. Burzynski's treatment first and had been allowed to do his treatment first that Hayley would still be alive.  Since we had already done the Radiation and Chemo his treatment would not have work. The Radiation and Chemo make DIPG resistant to other treatments.  The day before Hayley died the Hospice Nurse came by to check on her.  She said Hayley's organs were starting to shut down.  She took us in another room and said you may not think Hayley can hear you but she can and when you feel the time is right you need to tell her that it is okay for her to go because that is what she is waiting for. I said okay and she left.  Then I said yeah right I'm not telling her that I don't want her to give up.  But the next morning when we woke up Hayley's breathing was worse.  And at 12pm Randy walked in the Room and said "Wanda she's just getting worse.  And at that moment I realized that Randy was ready to let her go.  And that I was just being selfish if God was going to heal her he would have already done it.  So I picked her up and we sat down on the sofa with her and I said "Hayley I know it's hard and your tired of suffering so when your ready go ahead and go with Jesus and the angels".  Hayley took another breathe and she was gone. She was just waiting for us to tell her it was okay to go. That night when I went to bed I said God I don't understand did I not have enough faith.  When I said that God showed me the vision again of Hayley wearing her favorite outfit laying in the casket which let me know that it wasn't lack of faith and it didn't matter what treatment we did he wanted her back. That gives me peace that we did all we could do and that this was Hayley's purpose in life.  I know people who have come to know God because of Hayley.  At Hayley's funeral my sister Shelby and her husband James both saw Hayley wearing a beautiful white gown, smiling and holding Jesus's hand and he was also wearing a beautiful white gown. And as they turned to leave Hayley waved bye to them.  One day I was crying and Hayley said Mommy don't worry about me I'm fine.  I said Hayley I'm not worried about you I just miss you. Another time Randy was sitting in his recliner and he looked to the right and Hayley was standing beside the recliner wearing another one of her favorite outfits and smiling at him.  Julie said Dad.  And when he looked back where Hayley had been standing she was gone.  We believe that God was letting him see that Hayley was okay!  When ever our preacher came to see us he would put his arm around me and this calm peaceful feeling would come over me.  It was God sending me his love through preacher Tony.  I believe that as soon as Hayley took her last breathe that she was in the arms of Jesus and that he carried her up to Heaven.  I got conformation of that.  A preacher told a friend of  my sister's at a church  in Alabama that God kept showing him Jesus carrying a little blonde girl up to Heaven and sitting her down on the streets of Gold. And she was so happy that she started skipping and she skipped so much that he nicknamed her Little Skipper. And she had an anklet on her ankle and it said Hayley. Thank you God!  Because of Hayley we are closer to God.  Randy reads his bible and prays everyday.  Our daughter Julie (she's 16) is on the Youth Leadership Team at our church. She also reads her bible and does a quiet time everyday.  She has gone to school and invited other youth to church.  I tell this story every chance I get.  My friend Cindy has heard this story several times and she says she gets a new message from it each time she hears it.  There is life after death.  We are no longer afraid to die. Because we know that Hayley and Jesus is waiting for us.  If you want to know more about Heaven there is a book called Heaven by Randy Alcorn.  He tells you what he thinks Heaven will be like based on scripture from the bible.  It is a good book.  God has put each one of us here for a purpose.  I believe my purpose is to share the spiritual side of Hayley's story.  We believe that Randy's is to share the medical side.  God tells Randy what to do.  And Randy does it.  Hayley's illness and death has been the hardest thing in our lives to go through but at the same time it has been so awesome to see how God has worked in us and through us.  In the Bible it says we are to take care of our bodies so why would God want us to poison our bodies with Radiation and Chemo.  We feel that God led us to Dr. Burzynski's Clinic not so that Hayley could be treated there but Randy could tell other people about Dr. Burznski's treatment. So when people on this site sensor's Randy's messages you are going against the will of God. And God will punish you for that.  Everytime Randy feels like giving up God tells him something else to do. Randy will not give up until God tells him too!  When a couple has a child with a serious illness and or dies.  At least half the marriages end in divorce. And some people turn to Alcohol and Drugs to get through the pain.  We turned to God.  And God has given us everything we need to get through our Storm.  One of my favorite songs is Praise you in the Storm by Casting Crowns.  Lord I pray that everyone that reads this posting will get a blessing out of it. I pray Lord that your will, will be done in the hearts and lives of everyone reading this.  In Christ name I pray. Thank you God for Randy , Julie and Hayley. Thank you Wanda Hinton Cross Hill SC

Hi, You will have to go to (Burzynski Patient Group). Click on "our stories". Then click on the name of the patient you want to contact and the contact number will be at the end of their story. Concentrate on the patients with Brain Stem Gliomas. If you have any problems contact me again. Willing
Our mistake. We were confused and didn't know which way to go. Dr. Wolfe at MD Anderson was determined to treat Hayley and He tried hard to convince us that the girls that survived did not have the same tumor Hayley did. Because Dr. Burznyski's treatment has not been aproved throught the FDA Insurance companies do not cover it and it is very expensive but it's cheaper than what the hospitals charge. We let Dr. Wolfe talk us out of it. And we heard about the drug from Germany. Dr. Burznyski told us that the doctor's at MD Anderson would try to keep us there. And he was right. Dr. B. also told us that he knew about the new drug from Germany and that it does not work. But we went with it anyway. We are trying to meet with congressmen to pass a law that would make all doctor's and hosptials tell you about all treatments that are available not just the ones they have. We were lucky we didn't loose everything trying to treat Hayley. But some families have lost everything trying to keep their child a live. That should not happen. Don't get me wrong I was willing to give up everything I owen to keep Hayley alive.
Hi Tina, I understand your anger. We are angery too. Like you we lost our daughter Hayley to the same hideous monster. Hayley was diagnosed on June 21,2005 we were immediately sent to MUSC in Charleston South Carolina. Hayley underwent six weeks of Radiation and Chemo Treatments. While she was doing the treatments she started to improve. But two weeks after the treatments were over she started getting worse again. Four weeks after the treaments were over she had another MRI it showed that the tumor had exploded in size and was growing rapidly. The doctors told us to go home and enjoy what time we had left it would be a matter of weeks. We were told that there were no other treatments out there don't bother looking. But as parents we could not accept that so we went home and started looking someone told us about Dr. Burzynski in Houston Texas we checked out his website and then called the Clinic they wanted to see Hayley so we went to Houston. When we got they're they wanted another MRI it showed Hayley had fluid on her brain and needed a shunt. We went to Texas Childrens Hospital when they found out that we were dealing with the Burzynski Clinic they refused to do the shunt. We then went to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. They refused at first to do the Shunt unless we let them treat her for the tumor. When I said lets just take Hayley home Dr. Wolfe changed his mind and said they would put the shunt in and if we wanted to go back to Dr. B he would let us. But he wanted us to consider his treatment which had never been tried before and had a list of side effects and it she had those side effects they could kill her. While at MD Anderson we heard about another treatment in Germany for Nimotuzumab that had supposedly had very good results. We decided to go with it and it we sent to MD Anderson and Hayley was treated with it for six weeks. We came home Nov. 30th and we were supposed to go back to Houston for another MRI on Dec. 12th. Hayley began to have seizures two days after we got home and another MRI was done at the local Hospital it showed four new tumors spread through out her brain. We decided to take her home and let Hosbice take over. It was total up to God now. Hayley died on Christmas Eve. That morning her breathing was worse and she hadn't eaten or drunk anything in two days before. She was out of it. The Hosbice Nurse had told us her organs were shuting down. And that Hayley was waiting for us to tell her it was alright to go. At noon I picked her up and with my husband we sat down on the sofa with her. I told "Hayley I know it's hard and your tried of suffering so when your ready go with Jesus and the Angels." Hayley took two more breaths and she was gone. We miss her terrible. And we are angry at the doctors for not telling us about all the treatments out there. Radiation does not work they know it doesn't work but they do it anyway. Dr. Burzynski told us that if the Radiation does not get rid of every last cancer cell that it will cause the tumor to explode in size and will grow rapidly and will be resistant to other treatments. That is what happened to Hayley. And from what we are finding out it is happening to all these children. Dr. B discovered in the late sixties that people with cancer were missing certain enzymes and peptides that people without cancer had. So he came up with away to put these enzymes back in the body. Elon pharmacuticals tried to buy his treatment from him and he refused to sell it. So the FDA tried to prosecute him but two hundred of his patients showed up with picked signs demanding he be let go. The whole event caused a major embrassment for the FDA and they dropped the charges against him. Cancer is a one hundred billion dollar a year industry. If there was a cure for cancer that industry would have to go away and they would loose all that money. I do believe there is a cure for cancer and diabetes but the medical industry will never let us see it. They are making to much money off of it to let it go away. And if you don't believe this you need to take the blinders off. Dr. B. has been trying to get his treatment approved by the FDA for years. Have you heard of the Thomas Navarro Bill? Thomas was a little boy in 1999 with a brain tumor his parents didn't want to do radiation and chemo so they took him to DR. B. but they had to get permission from the FDA to let DR. B. treat Thomas. The FDA said no they got senators Alan Keyes and Dan Burton involved. The Navarro's made a deal with the FDA to do a few treatments of Radiation and Chemo and if it wasn't working the FDA would give them permission to go to Dr. B. The FDA agreed. Thomas was treated with Radiation and Chemo which disfigured his face and caused multiple tumors when they went back to the FDA to get permission to go to Dr. B. the FDA once again said NO! Thomas died. You can look this up on the internet. (Thomas Navarro Bill) Before we went to Texas to doctor Bruzynski's Clinic we contacted a former patient of DR. B.'s she was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor at the age of 10 she is now and adult with a daughter of her own. We also talked to the Aunt of a little girl that was treated as an infant she is now eight and doing fine. These stories can be read about on Dr. Burznski's website. Along with contact numbers. The problem is that by the time kids get to the Burznski Clinic they have already been treated with Radiation. And it's two later for his treatment to work. We have to get the information to parents before Radiation is done. They're is a story on the news right now about a 16 year old boy with Hodgeskins Disease he did Radiation and Chemo and was so sick that he could not walk. They then took him to Mexico for treatment he says he feels great but the court is trying to force him back in to being treated by radiation again. Why? They don't want americans being treated in other countries taking the money away from the doctors and hospitals here. I urge you to go to Dr. Burznski's Website and read all about him and his treatment. Oh and his treatment is NONTOXIC unlike Radiationa and Chemo!!! When we went for Radiation and Chemo the doctor's told us that Radiation and Chemo can cause NEW Tumors to grow further down the road. They also told us that of all the children they know of that have this type tumor they all died within 2 months to two years of being diagnosed. Hayley died six months and 3 days after being diagnosed. It is our passion now to help other families avoid the same fate. Why do some people get cancer and some don't??? Sincerely Wanda and Randy Hinton Cross Hill, South Carolina
Check out WWW.burzynskiclinic.com . Dr Burzynski is the only Dr. that has successfully treat children with diffused pontine glioma. Their clinic is in Houston Texas. Do not do Radiation and Chemo. It does not work they know it will not work but they will do it anyway. Radiation will cause the tumor to explode in growth and will make it resistant to other treatments. The doctors will not tell you this. They also will not tell you about Dr. Burzynski either. They will tell you that there are no other treatments out there. I know we have already gone through this with our daughter Hayley. By the time we got to Dr. Burzynski it was to late. Wanda
Radiation can make tumor's worse something the doctor's fail to tell people. Email me at --- Message edited by CancerCompass staff: for personal protection, email address removed. Please review CancerCompass Member Guidelines at http://www.cancercompass.com/common/guidelines.html ----. Wanda
Hi, I would like to share our story with you. On June 21, 2005 my daughter Hayley was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma. She died Dec. 24, 2005 she was five. We have information that we would like to share with others. Please don't make the same mistakes we did. Contact me at --- Message edited by CancerCompass staff: for personal protection, email address removed. Please review CancerCompass Member Guidelines at http://www.cancercompass.com/common/guidelines.html ---- Wanda
Please email me at --- Message edited by CancerCompass staff: for personal protection, email address removed. Please review CancerCompass Member Guidelines at http://www.cancercompass.com/common/guidelines.html ----. I have information I would like to share with you. My five year old daughter Hayley died 12/24/05 from this. Wanda
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