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    Thanks luvebugg143 for your reply.I hope your mom can keep her CA19.9 low forever, she is still young.  Yes, that’s what they wanted to do for my dad but it didn’t work because the 6 cm tumor, so they just redirected the bile out of the body. They found the gallbladder infected so he will be going through some antibiotic for now. As for the diet, my dad just eat whatever he likes. We just started r...

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      Hi, I'm new to this site; my dad was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma on June/July 2009. He got partial gastrectomy and lived one year clean. By the 2010 the CA19.9 started increasing without any symptoms. CT scan was clean just small inflammation located where they did the surgery so he just got some drugs for the stomac. On Dec. 2011, CA19.9 reached 2000 so we did PET scan that showed one tumor of 2.5 cm, they said i...

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