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    To get you or your loved ones immune system back on top performance I highly reccomend the 100% pure citrus oils they are defusing at Vanderbilt University and many other hospitals by doTERRA... they can also be used instead of chemical hand sanitizers and the reports show are just as effective if not better to stop viruses like MRSA, etc... They are  to be used internally too to support your bodies immune syste...

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      Cancer survivors need more big dreams to aspire to.  I find little glimpses of The Land Of The Midnight Sun = Alaska (The biggest state with the tallest Mt.) INSPIRING.  An up close L@@K leaves those that experience it "Awestruck" and wanting more of it's fresh salty ocean winds, animals galore and adventursome people.  I would love to share my experiences of bouncing back from cancer ....that has enab...

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        Lifestyle Changessuch as eating whole foods plus drinking teas and juices instead of soda and coffee can be more do-able when someone does them with you.  Detoxing options at the health food store can be daunting?  To transition into a new healthier and healing lifestyle was a must for me in my uphill accent beyond my bouts with cancer.  If you are also a female and needing a c...

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        I am a survivor with a big smile humming a tune in my garden and always great full to be able to enjoy another color full sunset.Photography, horses and writing projects keep me inspired to reach out to others and make a difference where ever I can.
        I have a background as a CNA doing in home Respite and Hopice and technical writer for the International Nutraceutical Markets.

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