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Brain Cancer
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My 45 yr old husband was suffering from violent headaches, tiredness, vision problems and memory loss when a CAT scan showed a golf ball size tumor in his left parietal side of his brain on March 10, 2012. Surgery followed on March 14th with almost full resection. Radiation and chemo were started 4 weeks following. He was doing quite well until we startied weaning of the steroids and he suffered 6 consecutive grand mal seizures, completely unconscious over a span of 2 hours until they were able to get them under control at the hospital. Another CAT scan was done and they found a new spot in his Left frontal lobe. He was put on antiseizure meds and his steroids increased. He continued with the 5/23 chemo cycles until an MRI on Aug 21st showed the new spot had grown to the size of a small orange. Chemo was stopped and surgery for the second tumor was done on Sept.11 again with most removed. He started more radiation on the second tumor site for 3 weeks. He suffers from severe swelling and is still on a high steroid dose. He's having severe anxiety and emotional difficulties along with memory loss. We will be trying Avastin in 3 weeks and are hoping to be able to start tapering off the steroids. After trying avastin for 5 months the tumors still came back!

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