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Hi I am a 51-year-old widow. Oh I hate that, widow. My lovely husband 20 years older than me but boy he sure looked young. Hardly anyone thought he was my dad, lol. In this picture he was 68. He was dx March 4, 2011 with glioblastoma grade 4 multiforme. Surgery March 5, 2011. Wes passed away Dec 7, 2011, at 3:15 in the morning. I was with him. He died peacefully in his sleep. I made sure that he was comfortable. He had great care at the hospital and was given pain medications and anxiety medication to keep him comfortable. I have no regrets on how I took good care of him. I wanted him to be as comfortable as one could be dying from cancer. Grand Mal seizures on Easter. He went through so much. Blood clots, sepsis, etc. He went by ambulance so many times to the ER I cannot count them. His 9 months were pure hell. The first month he did really good up until the seizure. I know that my writing on here is sporadic. Sorry, but my life without him is so painful. I miss him so much. I would do anything, anything to have him back with me. I was his caretaker and thank the Lord I did not work so I was with him at all times. May God give me strength to pull through this.

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