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    diane23, There is another patient at the hospital and I believe they have a similar diagnosis as you but maybe grade 2. Because of the location of my tumors on the brain stem surgery isn't really an option at this point. Maybe if chemo and rad treatments shrink them more but even then because of the cluster being where they are in the pons region of my brain stem, that the Endoscopic Endonasal approach doesn't hold ...

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      jon4156, I have never really had any family jon. Lived with my step father growing up but was basically raised by my friends parents. Never knew my birth parents and never made any ground on finding them. I have heard that personalities can change with my condition but you're right an outside opinion could benefit me. I'm just not sure if I could ask anyone of my friends to get that involved in my life. My friend th...

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        siblingof, Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear about your sister's bad experience with the second trial. Hope she is doing better now and I wish her the best. Honestly most of my closest friends have been really awesome and had my back and I'm even finding out that my community is filled with great people that are willing to support a complete stranger in a time of need. If your sister ever gets on this site p...

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          diane23 Just1, I live in Canada, in the province of Quebec, so I don't know what is a trial clinic. Sorry about that. Would you mind explaining to me what it is. Acupuncture helps me a lot when I feel nauseous from the chemo. All the best to you. diane23

          November 22, 2012
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          Just1footin diane23,
          I haven't been in a clinical trial yet and have been researching it myself. Somewhere in my original post someone listed a website to checkout clinical trials. From just an observation I kinda figured the clinical trials were either experimental treatments or experimental drugs that you take when you participate in a clinical trial.

          November 23, 2012
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        bilbosgirl, Thank you for your feedback and my heart goes out to you and your husband. I will definately check out the site and I hope all goes well with the clinical trial. One question, are clinical trials more about learning and getting information to help the individuals or more about getting numbers crunched to help the masses. I have alot more research to do on this subject myself I see. Have a blessed day. R...

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          Well, my friends call me Rufio and I found this site a few months back. I peek in every once in a while but this is my first contribution to the site besides coming up with a screen name for it. I guess I am at a point where I need feedback and want to try and helpout anyone else. First off I have 3 gliomas located in the pons structure of the brainstem that was for lack of a better phrase desribed as rare Adult Brai...

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