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    My dad passed on Monday after a two year battle. We are still reeling from how quickly it all happened. We have full cabinets of medicine (the cancer made him insulin dependent) and supplies. Does anyone know where we could donate these? Been having trouble finding resources online. He had insulin, creon, test strips, and test needles for glucose checks. If you have has experience with this situation, please sho...

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      Not a lot of data to support it despite the manufacturers claims... http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/cancell/HealthProfessional/page1/AllPages/Print

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        They drained about 2 liters but he filled up again bc of his low protein. His urine output is going down too and the docs were nervous about giving him IV fluids but I told hem he can get albumin with a little diuretic to help pull the fluid out of the periphery...we will see if they will try it. He is so full now that it is hard to get any oral protein in him. He is pretty unhappy now because he feels like his bo...

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          I think it was 900-- the last two years we had stayed around 30 (with 5 cm tumor) but now it is almost 10 cm

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            Update: after the stent went in had some mild improvement in bilirubin but then switched and is 18. Had to come to hospital bc he was short of breath and anemic. Grew out enterococcus in his blood. He got transfused, antibiotics, and a new MRcp. Some dilation of biliary tree and rumors everywhere. We had started tarceva 6 days ago, not sure if it is the culprit. He feels hungry but when he eats he gets full too ...

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              Charlie Yeo at Jefferson in Philadelphia has done the second most Whipples in the country second to his mentor, John Cameron at Hopkins.  He is an excellent surgeon and a researcher.  He is a big patient advocate.  Highly recommend.  We couldn't do the Whipple on my dad secondary to mets but he was able to do a beautiful bypass that has allowed my dad to eat, poop, and not have any tubes and we ha...

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                Thank you, everyone so much for all of the information!  Dad's bilirubin is starting to go down thankfully-- most recently 6 (down from 10) after he got a stent put in.   Alk phos is 1100 but the other ones are almost in range of normal.  We found a couple of stage I trials that don't really have a limit for liver functions-- we are hoping to get him into a minnelide trial or one of the immunological b...

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                  My dad used a product called MuGuard-- he got a sample from his doctor and he said it was a miracle medicine-- he had some pretty bad ulcers from his chemotherapy.  I am not sure where you can get it but that was the name on the bottle.   Good luck

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                    The blood supply to the mandible is very fragile and the fibula bone, even though it has a donor blood vessel, can also be somewhat fragile due to calcifications (just like people get hardening of the arteries in the heart, this can happen in the arteries in the leg).  Because of this combination of issues and the fact that the hardware is not vascularized bone, there can sometimes be extrusion.  It is unus...

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                      Mets to the lungs, liver, some fluid in the pelvis...Our oncologist is pushing radiation, but the disease is not localized anymore.  Bilirubin is too high for most chemotherepeutics and trials.  Dad is still eating and going to the bathroom and walking and doesn't want to go out without a fight.  Thoughts, suggestions, jokes....all appreciated.

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                      My 59 year old dad was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. He had no pain, no jaundice, and only a small amount of weight loss. His only symptom was sudden onset diabetes. He is very healthy. An attempt at a Whipple was made, but unfortunately at the time of resection, several very small liver metastases were noted. The final pathology was mucinous adenocarcinoma. A palliative gastrojejunostomy and hepaticojejunostomy were performed as was a celiac plexus neurolysis procedure. We have done Folfirinox, Abraxane, Xeloda, Gemzar. Dad passed away on 3/31/2014. He was 59 years old. He died from liver failure.

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