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    My heart is completely broken. After a year of fighting GBM, my husband left this world to be in a better place with no more pain and no more suffering. I lost my whole world to this terrible disease! Andrey was my best friend, the best husband, and father, my go to person. The pain and sadness is beyond description-- it’s so difficult to hold it together. The past year was such an ugly roller coaster ride...

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      The Dixie drops I use also look the same, but good thing you clarified with the makers! Also, it has been remarkable for my husband, his pain has almost completely gone away, and he doesn't need as many pain killers anymore. Being very skeptical at first, I am truly amazed by how well this product works! I hope it will also help with his swelling, or next MRI is June 3rd, I'll let you know if it improves! Thanks aga...

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        I’ve been told by my husband’s NO that on average Avastin works for 4 months;  a few of his patients have been successfully using Avastin for about 2 years, while others only experience improvement during the first few treatments.  Also, according to the available data, Avastin is only effective for about 40% of brain tumor patients. My husband happens to be among this 40%. Without Avastin, most...

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          Thank you for sharing this, Robin. My husband just started using Dixie drops. He is on Avastin and blood thinners (Lovenox). Perhaps the combination of Lovenox and hemp oil, along with Avastin could put him be at an even greater risk of bleeding. Hmm... will need to discuss it with his NO.

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            Jan,If I have a choice, I would certainly go with a clinical trial first. As Jon4156 mentioned, Avastin would still be an option if the clinical trial failed. We were desperately looking for some clinical trials; unfortunately, due to my husband’s uncontrollable tumor growth through all the treatments, he didn’t qualify for any trials. We’ve been told at UCLA that he needed immediate treatment (Avas...

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              Ativan works well for my husband. He tried other anti-anxiety medications, but they made him even more anxious. I also bought him Valerian Root capsules (at Costco, Trunature brand). He takes it before bedtime in addition to Ativan and it helps him to relax and sleep better at night.

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                Hi Sarah, Thank you for sharing this. I just checked their website and I think I will go ahead and order some Dixie Botanical drops as well. I know it’s not a cure or a miracle. But you are right, we are looking for some hope and if these drops will ease my husband’s pain, it would be a little ‘miracle’ for us. By the way, why do you prefer their drops to the pills? I just thought pills might...

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                  De, you are so sweet--thank you so much for such an incredibly insightful response. I am so sorry you lost your mom to this horrible illness only 13 months after her diagnosis. My heart goes to you and to everyone on this discussion board affected by brain cancer. It’s such an ugly monster and I wish that none of us had to go through this. I wish one day there will be a cure—this is my hope and praye...

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                    I haven’t posted here for a long time. It’s been a very tough 10 months since my husband’s GBM diagnosis in July 2012. As some of you know, nothing really had worked for him and his tumor was growing uncontrollably through all the treatments, until we started Avastin. We had two good MRIs with Avastin; one showed the tumor was shrinking and the other MRI was stable. During this process I was doing e...

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                      My mom showed me your post because she felt I could relate. I am also a college student who is losing their dad due to GBM. Our dads situations are very similar, he was also diagnosed this summer and after radiation/temodar the MRIs showed my dads tumor was even bigger and more aggressive, spreading to both parts of the brian. All I want is my dad back, even if it is for a couple of hours. It is so hard seeing the ma...

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                      My husband, Andrey (46 years old), has been diagnosed with GBM (left frontal lobe) on June 29, 2012. It came as a complete shock—he was totally healthy. It started with an excruciating headache … On July 11 he had brain surgery—they were able to removed only 30% of tumor… Andrey and I have been married for 21 years and have two children. Needless to say how brokenhearted and devastated we are! The last four weeks has been a life changing experience for all of us. Our life will never be the same!

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