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    I was recently diagnosed with a neuroendochrine tumor in my cervix.  This is highly unusal and my head is still spinning.  I've been learning and reading as much as I can about this type of tumor and cervical cancers, but since this is a rare instance, (this type of tumor found in this area of the body,) I would like to learn more about this type of tumor.  Does anyone here have experience w...

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    I have been diagnosed with a small cell neuroendochrine tumor of about 5cm in my cervix. I feel fine and had no idea anything was wrong until I began experiencing minor systems. I am told and have read that having this kind of tumor in this area is rare. I was diagnosed less than a month ago and since then have immersed myself with learning as much as can about this disease we all seem to have in common.

    When I found this site I joined immediately because I don't know anyone else who is or has gone through what am I am. I want to thank everyone out there for being on this site and giving us a chance to connect with one another.

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