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    Only slightly elevated so yes he has some inflammation. He actually looks really good on paper, no jaundice, only slightly elevated creatine levels because of another issue he has, but his CA9-19s fluctuate wildly they'll be in the 50s one time and in the 350s the next. Still, it doesn't matter all the doctors care about is wether they get paid. I could have managed his care better if I had the ability to tell the...

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      My husband was diagnosed with an IPMN in his pancreas last May. The surgeon sai we need to take out your pancreas but first you need to gain 20 lbs because you will lose 20lbs with the surgery. So we went home and the man tried eating as much as he could and the best he could do was 6lbs then he got pneumonia gained another 7 of waterweight, the surgeon didn't think the pneumonia was part of the pancreas thing and ...

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