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    September 27, 2012
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    Hi, my husband (age 35) was diagnosed in June '12 with a GBM4

    Michael and I went on a family camping trip in the mountains around June 19th. After being there a few hours Michael became sick. All the symptoms seem to parallel altitude sickness so that's what we assumed it was. We stayed longer to see if Michael would acclimate but the symptoms grew worse. Upon leaving the mountains michael felt a little better but still not himself.

    On June 24th, due to symptoms that were concerning (primarily disorientation), Michael admitted himself to the ER. After several head scans doctors discovered an abnormal mass in Michael's right temporal lobe.

    On June 26th, Michael underwent brain surgery to remove what they could of the mass. Michael did amazingly well post opertively and was already making off colored jokes with the medical team (which he blamed on the tumor).

    On July 5th, the pathology report came back on the mass and he was diagnosed with what they said was at least an Astrocytoma grade 3 tumor. We were told by the neurosurgeon that he felt that he was able to get 98% of the mass. We made the choice to get a second opinion on treatment at MD Anderson in Houston Tx.

    On July 17th Michael met with Neuro-Oncologist at MD Anderson to discuss treatment options. There we learned that even though doctors removed a large amount of the malignant mass detected on the MRI, that there were diffuse amounts of tumor covering the right temporal lobe. They recommended scheduling another craniotomy on Aug. 3rd to go in and remove the rest of the malignant tumors covering the right temporal lobe.
    After the second surgery we learned that the other tumors that were removed were all GBM4 They were able to resect about 90-95% of the masses.

    Michael underwent chemo and radiation for about six weeks (Sept 4th -Oct 15). With a follow up MRI Nov 7th that looked great, showed shrinkage of the tumor site. We remain hopeful for the future

    Is this all still a Shock, yes, still waiting to wake up from this nightmare, YES! We have a 2yo daughter. We are Very active people with a very healthy lifestyle. I'm looking for anything to help my husband through this horrible diagnose. I feel that if we can just buy him more time that we can get through this. Survive this! Essentially our main goal is to kick cancer's Butt!! I can't accept the alternative...

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