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    I'm wishing you the best and will include you in my prayers. You're whipping this into submission!!!

    I had the lump in my face for approx 18 months. I will do scans every 6 but my doc says leave the monkey with him. I'm almost 6 months into it so I'm praying and trying to have faith.

    If you don't mind me asking what melanoma center did you go to?

    All the best!

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      Chris- Thanks for response. I guess I should have explained that I did not have any leison on the skin. It was all underneath the epidermis. That part really makes me worry. Did you have a "hot" mole on your skin? Where did it metastisize to? What treatments are you on? I'll be praying for you. This is tough to deal with....just creeps up on you. Thanks and all the best!!!   Josh...

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        HI All- I was diagnosed with melanoma on April 8th. I had a tiny bump in my face that everyone believed was a small cyst. Well as you guessed; it came back as melanoma and pathology suggested it was metastatic. I ended up at an oncologist who specializes in melanoma. I had a PET/CT Scan which was negative. So, after reviewing everything he came back and said he believes it is a case of primary dermal melanoma. My de...

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        In April 2011 I was dignosed with melanoma. Intially, pathology suggested it was metastatic. No primary leison was ever found and after scans, sentinel lymph node biopsy and wide excision of leison on my face, my oncologist who specializes in melanoma said it was as he suspected....a case of primary dermal melanoma. Melanoma that starts under the epidermis. I am still terrifed as I know this disease can turn horrible real quick. I pray for everyone here and hope the advances in the fight against this beast continue to prosper in hopes to beat this thing into submission.

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