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Hello everyone! My name is Crystal and Im 23yrs old. I was involved in a car accident in August '08 in which I suffered a clavicle fracture. A routine MRI and CT scan were performed when I was admitted ..Next thing I knew I was being transferred to Rush University Medical Center due to an incidental abnormality on the scan. That wednesday I had brain surgery to remove the mass, an 1.5 x 1.8 cm diffuse Astrocytoma grade 2 (left posterior frontal) My Neuro-oncologist at University of Chicago recommended we "wait and watch," which we did for a year. This past August there was a slight change, but no need for alarm. My appointment a couple weeks ago showed more of a change and it was decided to start 5-6 weeks of radiation and 6 months of temodar. This is all going to begin next week, November 30th. I was hospitalized early last week due to a couple Grand Mal seizures I experienced at work (My 1st). Im not letting this hold me back on starting my treatment next week. I'm ready to do this. With cancer compass Im hoping to gain more knowledge, friends, and hope!

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