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Dear Marti and Jeff,

I believe and speak it in JESUS name that Jeff will be fine and will make it through surgery today.  I praise you LORD for the gifts and talents you have given to the doctor performing the surgery.  I know that you have a plan and with this test in life there is always a testimony that will come out it.  I pray against fear, doubt and please give peace and comfort today.  I thank you LORD for all that you are doing and I praise you for Jeff's healing today.  I believe and stand on your word and I ask all of this in JESUS name!
Amen Amen Amen

I respect your opinion as to what has kept you alive, But no disrespect when I state my own to tell you that.......

Ephesians 2:8 

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God. I never stated that my MRI'S had been stable however the truth is that cancer is GONE COMPLETELY. Religious faith is not part of my life either man, only the word of GOD. And in order for GOD to do something for you, you would have to believe and recieve the miracle he has gave. So I agree with you 100 % my god did nothing for you, your right but that does not mean that he didnt bless the doctors who treated you with knowledge to do so, and the others who work so tirelessly for the cure with patience, compassion and smarts as well. You say MY GOD did nothing for you, however I think my god answered someone who loved you or some doctor, nurse etc......who was praying for you prayers. My god always reveals himself in way's that will always amaze me, weather im here today or gone tomorrow, I will rejoice and be glad and give him all the glory and the honor and the praise.  Because one day on this earth was worth it to be alive and to know my loved ones, and he gave me more than just one day when i deserved none.You see my friend Iv seen miracle after miracle performance after performance in my day's just by believing in the one true GOD. Things that iv seen over and over arent just a quincidence these things are not of this world, I would never push my beliefs on anyone else ITS NOT MY JOB TO DO SO, but it is mine to shine the light he gave into the darkness so other's can see. Trying to give someone the word of god is sometimes like trying to give someone a million bucks but they just want have it. I believe in your healing and I will continue to pray for you,  weather our opinions on after life "life" and before life are different one thing still remains. WERE ALIVE, WE HAVE EARS TO HEAR, A NOSE TO SMELL, EYES TO SEE,  A VOICE TO COMMUNICATE AND A HEART TO LOVE AND A MIND TO UNDERSTAND. I pray a strong victory for you to have with this battle and Im so thankful you are winning the fight. On behalf of me and my beliefs take care and god bless.

This is a great forum to relay to ones who come here to get direction and advice. I know that being told that we have a short time left and the not knowing what is up ahead of us is stressful at times.  I have been walking down this road for 11 months now and stay in awe of how good GOD is.  I like most of you have read and kept up with with the postings of patients, caregivers and survivors.  I see some that really are embracing there beliefs and I concur that they are going to deal with this having peace and comfort through whatever life throws there way. I really don't push my beliefs on anyone, but I do want to share what GOD can do and has done for me.  I had surgery in January 13, 2013 and did the standard treatment of radiation and temodar.  I finished up with 6 months of 520 mg of temodar for 5 days every month.  I have had numerous MRI's and the one thing that keeps coming to the forefront of my mind is GOD is good and is real.  I told the doctors after they tore me down with there death sentence and 3 days of crying like a baby over the possibility of not seeing my boys grow up that I was going to show them what GOD is all about and what HE has already been doing in my life.  Skeptical and not open to the idea that I was already healed was the last thing they wanted to hear.  After finishing up my radiation I told the doctors I am not taking the steriods, seizure medicine and pain medication.  They were opposed and reluctant, but carried on with me coming back for my MRI's.  I did take the Temodar and as I let them know that I don't want to take that anymore because what am I preventing?  GOD already healed me and they kept seeing that there is no regrowth on my test.  Doctors try to read everything in black and white, but fail to realize there is a greater physician that heals all things. Not only does GOD heal emotional, physical, financial and spirituals issues, but he loves us unconditionally.  I know if you believe in GOD and his everlasting love, healing power and grace that you will get what you are searching for.  Do not pay attention to negative comments and opinions, but look at the devil of lies and tell him you are a child of GOD. Faith without works is dead and I know we all can accomplish what GOD has planned for us because we were chosen by HIM before we were even born into this world.  I pray for each of you everyday and don't know most of you personally, but I do know we are all brother and sisters in the LORD.  Remember that you had brain cancer and that GOD is an awesome GOD who wants to be there for you always. 

Hey loveiseternal,

I appreciate your comment and know that with these challenges in life that our faith is tested from every direction.  I pray that GOD covers you with comfort and reassures you that he is a good GOD that will never leave you alone.  28 months is a long time to survive and is a miracle in itself that most people don't make it more than a year or year and half.  I know that these trials we all endure are test to see how we respond and GOD wants us always to turn to him.  I myself had to totally quit what the doctors said and listen to the small still voice I know as Jesus to guide me.  After my radiation this past March I told the doctors I am not taking anymore steriods, seizure medicine, pain medicine or anxiety pills.  I know we all are not promised tomorrow and that a car accident could take me out first, but again it all comes back to my trust in GOD.  We are wonderfully made in his image and your husband is not suffering anymore.  I am sure he is looking down and guiding you with his new body that doesn't feel pain.  I ask that you keep talking to GOD and allow him to close you in his ever loving arms.

I totally understand in keeping my hold on to JESUS during the low periods I have experienced through this whirlwind of treatments. I did finish all 30 days of radiation, temodar during the radiation period and increased to 510mg for 5 days a month.  I have had 7 MRI scans since January and no regrowth what so ever.  Several scans showed white spots on the other side of my head and doctors were concerned and wanted to proceed with biopsies.  I couldn't accept what they were trying to suggest and I told them it is GOD's hands.  I left with a peaceful feeling in my heart and know that with corporate pray and fasting by fellow friends and pray warriors that all things will be taken care of.  I quit taking all the meds that were prescribed to me and said I can't depend on man, but I can totally trust and allow GOD to handle my situation.  I totally understand reading most of your post that we can't control anything, but we can control what we believe. I too am always encouraged when I read of others that have lived way past the time they were given and I lay claim on that for myself as well as others.  In Acts Chapter 19 verses

11 And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:

12 So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.

GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever!  He is a healer and will take care of us only if we beleive.  I pray a covering for each of you to receive GOD's peace and to fulfill his purpose in your lives. 

Faith and Positive Attitude

by NotImpossible - September 11, 2013

I wanted to let everyone know that GOD is a good GOD. I believe when we all deal with GBM that we can't allow it to run our lifes.  I understand at times that it's hard to accept the fact that time limits have been given to us all that have received this diagnosis, but GOD is the last physician and HE has the final say. If you have faith just the size of a mustard seed, then any mountain will be moved. Sometimes GOD does not heal right away and others are healed instantly. Faith without works is dead.  It has been 8 months now and I have had no recurrence. I know that if we believe and allow GOD to take over that we are in good hands. The doctors seem puzzled at times with the GBM I had and are not sure why regrowth has not taken place. Always remember the doctors aren't GOD and there is no expiration day stamped on your feet. Prayers go up for each of you that I read about and GOD bless you!

LOL.... No need for me to use a marker or get a tattoo.. Very creative, but isn't for me.  I have already started using my hair loss as a ice breaker to start conversations with others that are hesistant to ask me what is wrong. I joke with the radiation crew to be on the look out for the film crew filming me for the Rogaine commercial.  The left side is without Rogaine and the right side is with it. 

I will this allow this situation to be part of my testimony on how good GOD is and what HE is capable of doing and that is healing for all of us.  JESUS I pray that everyone that reads this will receive healing, feel peace and place comfort in our hearts knowing you are an awesome GOD and are worthy to be praised.  In JESUS name I pray... amen

After treatments beginning to lose hair for radiation treatment on left side of the head. I wonder how much more will come out and how long will take to grow back?

Strength is not in our arms, but in our heads. In order to have faith a person must truly in their heart and soul believe that. God has a plan and this experience is part of that plan.  Therefore its not up to me to question, or fear, the plan but have faith in it.

After treatments beginning to lose hair for radiation treatment on left side of the head. I wonder how much more will come out and how long will take to grow back?

Strength is not in our arms, but in our heads. In order to have faith a person must truly in their heart and soul believe that. God has a plan and this experience is part of that plan.  Therefore its not up to me to question, or fear, the plan but have faith in it.

RE: Newly diagnosed

by NotImpossible - February 06, 2013

On Feb 06, 2013 10:55 PM Sptchr99 wrote:

Where did you have your surgery? Are you satisfied with your drs or are you going to get a second opinion?


I had my surgery @ MUSC in Charleston, SC.  I am satisfied with the Dr. getting roughly 98% of the tumor out of the left side of my head right above my left ear. I will follow the plan laid out for me with the chemo and radiation, but most of all I will not be getting a second opinion as I have turned this whole situation over to JESUS!  May JESUS bless you and your family during this time and know as I do that JESUS can heal us.  


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First and foremost I praise GOD and believe in him with all my heart that he has a bigger plan through all things that we go through such as a time as this is for me and my family. I have been diagnosed with GBM IV and have had the majority of the tumor removed. The neurosurgeon said he got roughly 98 percent of it and he cauterized the remaining nerves left. GOD uses everything we have gone through and are going through to prepare us for his kingdom. I am blessed beyond belief with you all who are in one accord and are collectively praying with expectation knowing GOD is the ultimate healer. I thank GOD I had these seizures and found out that there was something not right in my head. Lol as if we all didn't know I was crazy! I truly believe this is a stepping stone for me to share GOD's miraculous works especially with the doctors and I embrace this tumor as it is fading day by day. This whole experience is opening so many other doors and allowing others to see and know JESUS is real. I thank GOD for using a time such as this to give him the glory and honor. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS AND PLEASE JOIN ME IN REJOICING IN GOD HEALING WORKS.

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